South shore: toxic smoke from the fire of batteries of lithium

Rive-Sud: fumée toxique dégagée par l’incendie de batteries de lithium

The burning of lithium batteries located on the outside of a company in Boucherville, gave off a poisonous smoke on the South Shore, on Thursday morning.

Unfortunately, the firemen were powerless in the face of this disaster which is triggered to 5 at Blue Solutions on the rue de Montgolfier.

“The special feature of these batteries is that they do not extinguish with water. Let them smolder. You spray it on the building to protect it,” said Mario Martin, chief of the Division of fire safety Service of the agglomeration of Longueuil (SSIAL) in a telephone interview.

Firefighters were expected to burn for several more hours Thursday morning.

“It is long. These are relatively large batteries. They are used for the municipal buses, said Mr Martin. The fumes which arise are relatively toxic. The buildings around have been advised to keep their doors closed.”

No one was injured during this event. When they arrived on the scene, the employees had already been evacuated. The company responsible has even a brigade against fires, which were already at work to prevent the spread of the flames.

The SSIAL has specified that the risks that the damage extends to the building were null and void. About 80 firefighters were dispatched on the spot.

The causes of the fire remained unknown, but the thesis criminal has been excluded.

“It is a chemical reaction inside of batteries, pointed out Mario Martin. It is very rare. The last time we came to this place, it made a dozen years ago.”

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