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South West Tandem


Cosse-Maisonneuve, Cahors 2019, Les Laquets, France

$43.75 – SAQ code 10328587 – 14.5%

Any lover of fine wine – from Burgundy to the right bank of Bordeaux, via the Loire – would benefit from rediscovering the terroirs of Cahors. Especially if they are interpreted by Catherine Maisonneuve (winemaker) and Mathieu Cosse (winemaker). Their wines always transcend the appellation with their depth and elegance and reveal the immense potential of the terraces of the Lot. The Les Laquets cuvée – one of the estate’s two “grand crus” – comes from a plot located at the top of La Fage, on Kimmeridgian limestone soils (as in Chablis). The 2019 is still in its prime, but its stature, depth and balance are unmistakable. The tannins have been polished by ageing, but still remain straight and compact, while the flavors of black fruits, shy on opening, mingle with notes of violets, black tea, cedar and leather. Long and cut for laying down. 

**** 1⁄2 $$$$ 

Domaine Rotier, Gaillac 2019, Les Gravels, France< /strong>

$22.40 – SAQ code 14968207 – 

The Rotier family estate has been organic since 2005. Alain Rotier and his brother-in-law, Francis Marre , also limit the intake of sulphites below the levels authorized in biodynamics. As its name suggests, this cuvée comes from a gravel plateau, where Duras, Syrah, Braucol, Prunelard (an ancestor of Malbec) and Cabernet Sauvignon flourish.
The attack on the palate of the 2019 is round and velvety, but the tannic chewiness tightens in the mid-palate, leaving a rather satisfying impression on the finish, without heaviness. Abundance of flavors of red and black fruits, punctuated by notes of sweet spices. A good classic Gaillac red. 

*** $$