Souvenir photos: Rodger Brulotte

Souvenir photos: Rodger Brulotte

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Son Youpi

Rodger and Youpi alongside renowned pianist André Gagnon during the 1970s, while Mr. Gagnon performed the ceremonial throw at the Olympic Stadium. It is thanks to Rodger and Roger D. Landry that Youpi, the mascot of the Expos, was created, by a designer of the Muppets (Miss Piggy), in honor of the first hero of Jarry Park, Rusty Staub, nicknamed ” & nbsp; The Great Orange & nbsp; “.

” & nbsp; She is part … & nbsp; “

Rodger, 33 years old, in 1980. He proudly wore the jersey of the Journal de Montréal baseball team, founded by sports columnist Ti-Guy Émond. Surrounded by celebrities, including Guy Lafleur, René Angélil and Patrick Norman, the popular daily team played across the province.


Known for playing tricks, Rodger had fun at the expense of his friends with this fake flute that was supposed to sound horrible, but instead sent flour to its user’s face. He had succeeded in particular with the pitcher Claude Raymond, who had taken revenge a few days later by throwing Rodger behind the plate, causing a fall “& nbsp; friendly & nbsp;” 30 & nbsp; feet.

Three big men

At the start of the 90's, Rodger, then a TV and radio analyst, surrounded by Derek Aucoin (6.8 feet), who died in 2020, and Mike Widger (6.1 feet) during the Fête des neiges at Parc Jean-Drapeau. It was the first time these baseball and football players officially put on the skates.


With Wayne Gretsky and Lou Brock, during a game at Olympic Stadium. Lou Brock was also in attendance for a parade of former Hall of Fame inductees, as they all greeted Rodger warmly in the crowd. One of the most beautiful moments of his career.

Interviewer “& nbsp; the Kid & nbsp;”

With the unique Garry Carter on his return to Montreal in the New York Mets uniform. The Expos star player was traded in 1984 to the dismay of his Quebec fans. In 1992, number 8 returned to Montreal to conclude his great career.

◆ Rodger Brulotte will celebrate his 75th birthday on January 4.

◆ He is an analyst at TVA Sports for the Toronto Blue Jays.

◆ He signs his regular column “& nbsp; All everywhere & nbsp;” in the pages of the Journal and travel around town, especially during philanthropic activities.

◆ Recognized for his verve, his passion and his unforgettable phrase “& nbsp; She's gone!” during the home runs, the analyst received the medal of the National Assembly from the hands of Prime Minister François Legault in 2019, for his social commitment.

◆ Sommité du baseball, Rodger launched in 2015 the book Good evening … in which he tells with humor his best anecdotes, his locker room stories, the sad departure from the Montreal Expos and also its role in Celine Dion's career. Written with Christian Tétreault.

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