Spa still closed: “the industry is angry”

Spas toujours fermés: «l’industrie est en colère»

Spa owners are struggling to understand why they cannot re-open their facilities to the public.

“The hotels, the towers to condos and campgrounds may open their swimming pools, but not us, so that it is in the best position to enforce the measures! The industry is angry”, denounced on Thursday the president of the Association québécoise des spas, Guillaume Lemoine.

Despite many conversations with the office of the minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, in the last two months, the spa has not yet received the green light to re-open all of their facilities.

During this time, others have received the authorization of the public health to proceed with the déconfinement, as is the case of the municipal swimming pools, much to the chagrin of the owners of spas.

“It is our job to take care of people, make sure they go in tanks and pools that are safe and that the side health to be perfect. That is, I guess, is not always the case in public swimming pools which have had permission to open it”, said Mr. Lemoine, who is also the president of the Strom nordic Spa.

The latter said that he was satisfied that services such as spa baths or jacuzzis could be used in complete safety thanks to application of sanitary measures.

“It goes even further than the INSPQ demand in our institutions”, he assured.

In the meantime, the effects of the confinement are felt. The members of the Association québécoise des spas are noticing a drop in traffic important, even if some of the guests still come to enjoy the services of massage therapy.

“We sell a complete experience: experience spa and massage. Our customers are in the misunderstanding, they are angry not understanding why they can not go into our facilities, then they can go to the public pool,” said Mr. Lemoine.

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