Space probe photographed the beginning of a new day on Earth. Video

Космический зонд заснял начало нового дня на Земле. Видео

On the lunar orbit, the probe must go on 4 April.

Israeli Beresheet probe destined for a mission on the moon, took video of the sunrise above the Ground, reports the with reference to LEAGUE.News.

Initially, the probe Beresheet was developed by a private Israeli organization SpaceIL competition for the Google Lunar XPrize, but the latter ended without winners. The developers decided to raise the necessary funds to send a Rover to the moon. The probe was launched on 22 February 2019 with the help of the carrier rocket SpaceX Falcon 9.

At the moment Beresheet has successfully held for four maneuver and is now in orbit with an apogee at a distance of 405 000 kilometers from Earth. As expected, in lunar orbit, the probe will be released April 4.


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