Space travel : the appeal of Guy Laliberté is rejected before the federal Court

Voyage spatial : l’appel de Guy Laliberté est rejeté devant la Cour fédérale

Martin Jolicoeur

The co-founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, just wipe a further setback, this time in front of the federal Court of appeal Ottawa, in the folder of the expenses of his trip to space in 2009.

In a judgment of more than 25 pages, presented Friday, may 29, justice Mary J. L. Gleason, rejects the arguments of the billionaire and confirms that the latter had to pay tax on the$ 41.8 Million that cost him his “poetic social mission” in space, there are now more than ten years.

The epic gravity-Guy Laliberté had been widely publicized. The latter was flown to the international space Station for twelve days, becoming the seventh man of business history to take a journey into space.

However, after having paid for this trip out of his pocket, Guy Laliberté was paid off by the Cirque du Soleil, under the pretext that it was a business trip.

Seeing things differently, Revenue Canada had denounced the accounts of the billionaire and claimed that the latter pays his due tax on the$ 41.8 Million received from the Circus.

Basically, as the getaway space was akin to a personal journey, the reimbursement of the latter should also be considered as an income, or a benefit to the personal benefit of Guy Laliberté.

In his judgment, Judge Gleason ranks behind the interpretation of first instance judge Patrick Boyle last September. He had backed up his decision by 27 points.

More details to come…

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