SpaceX announces the launch of the Mars starship Starship

Spaceship Starship will soar in the middle of October 2019

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SpaceX анонсирует запуск марсианского звездолета Starship

The first trial runs will begin in mid-October

After a series of setbacks with the spacecraft from SpaceX Starhopper, he still managed to make a successful flight in a long minute and hang in the air. The company Elon musk has decided to continue the successful ideas in the successor Starhopper called Starship, which will soon conquer orbit. Upcoming flight tests were discovered by Business Insider in the documentation SpaceX FCC, which reported on the first trial runs in mid-October.

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Starship is a pretty ambitious project. In the future SpaceX plans to use a Starship to transport satellites, goods and even people across earth orbit directly to the International space station. Ever CEO Elon Musk will be able to use spacecraft to transport people to Mars.

SpaceX анонсирует запуск марсианского звездолета Starship

Illustration of the conquest of Mars ships Starship

During the first test flights of Starship will overcome 20 kilometers in the air, and then land. If the flight goes well, in the future will be more severe test, and the Starship will be ready to perform their first commercial flights in the next few years.

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Even if they somehow the flight will end in disaster, engineers at SpaceX will still get valuable information about the possibilities of this ship – the failure is the result. Any deficiencies or abnormal situation detected at run time, will help to make subsequent flights safer.

Earlier, a military space plane X-37B broke the record in orbit. Also recently, Tesla Elon musk orbited the Sun.

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SpaceX анонсирует запуск марсианского звездолета Starship

SpaceX анонсирует запуск марсианского звездолета Starship

SpaceX анонсирует запуск марсианского звездолета Starship


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