Spain pays homage to the victims of the pandemic

L’Espagne rend hommage aux victimes de la pandémie

Madrid | Spain makes Thursday a solemn tribute to the victims of the Covid-19 in the presence of european leaders and WHO, on a background of a rebound of the epidemic in one of the european countries the most affected.

Presided over by king Felipe VI, the State ceremony in front of the royal Palace in Madrid will start from 09: 00 (07: 00 GMT).

The president of the european Council, Charles Michel, the president of the european Commission, and Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the european Parliament, David Sassoli, the head of the diplomacy of the EU, Josep Borrell, as well as the director of the world Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, must attend.

The latter will make the move in memory of “a lot of people who have lost the life due to the Covid-19 in Spain and in the world” and to show the support of the WHO to all countries in their fight against the virus, said a spokesman of the institution of the united Nations.

During this secular ceremony, an orchestra will interpret the Spanish anthem and the “spiritual Singing” of Johannes Brahms and of people affected by the pandemic to take the floor.

Reconfinement of a zone in Catalonia

This tribute of the State to the victims of the Covid occurs on a background of a rebound of the epidemic in the country, nearly a month after the end of containment is very strict.

While the population has taken over his life and that the borders have reopened with Europe and a dozen of countries outside the EU, Spain has experienced these last few days an upsurge of contamination.

The authorities follow closely over 120 active outbreaks. The one that worries them the most is located in Catalonia (north-east), around the city of Lleida, where about 160,000 people have been reconfinés Wednesday. He was also asked residents of three neighborhoods of a suburb of Barcelona, L’hospitalet de Llobregat, stay home.

In this area, and many others, the regional governments have tightened the screws in reinforcing the mandatory nature of the mask, even when the safety distance can be maintained.

The government of the socialist Pedro Sanchez, bombarded with criticism by the opposition for his handling of the crisis, had already decreed the end of may ten days of national mourning for the victims, the mourning, the longest since the restoration of democracy in the country, in 1977.

Spain, the seventh country in the world with the largest number of deaths due to the coronavirus, has been listed officially more than 28 400 dead. But according to the national Institute of statistics and a public research institution, the country has recorded since mid-march, an excess of 43 000 44 000 deaths.

The government says that this figure includes other causes of deaths and alleged cases of Covid that could not be confirmed by PCR tests, an indispensable condition to be recorded in the official report.

The executive of Mr. Sanchez, who had decreed a state of alert from 14 march to 21 June in order to be able to impose the containment of the population, excluded to date, of restoring such a regime of exception and states that the regions, competent in matters of health, have enough tools to control the epidemic.

“After the peak of the pandemic, the regions have instruments in their health legislation, to deal with situations at the time. The rebounds were expected and occur in all countries”, said Tuesday the vice-president Carmen Calvo.

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