Special meeting requested at the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal to dismiss the chairman of the board

Assemblée extraordinaire demandée au Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal pour démettre le président du CA

More than a hundred members of the Museum of fine arts of Montreal (MBAM) require the holding of a special meeting to dismiss half of the members of the Board of directors, in the wake of the saga that has cost his position at the ex-general director Nathalie Bondil.

The Journal has learned that they were shipped on Tuesday evening a letter to the Board of directors of the Museum, in which they are claiming the head of the chair of the board, Michel de la Chenelière, and 10 of his colleagues.

The letter, signed by very exactly 105 members, invoked a section of the regulations of the MMFA, which states that a special meeting must be called if 100 members submit a written application in this sense.

Applicants interested in the revocation of the mandates of Michel de la Chenelière, Roger Fournelle, Jean Houle, Serge Joyal, René Malo, Jonathan Deitcher, Sylvie Demers, Marcel Elefant, Jessica Pathy, Jacques Parisien and Rémi Quirion.

This request must be submitted to a vote of the members present at the special meeting, and may need to obtain the majority of votes to be endorsed.

The request for the special meeting occurs two weeks after Michel de la Chenelière has announced the dismissal of Nathalie Bondil. The chair of the board has relied on the work environment “toxic” to the Museum and the refusal of the director to correct the situation.

But depending on what have reported on several media, including The Newspaper, the discharge is rather due to a conflict between Michel de la Chenelière, and Nathalie Bondil, because the latter had refused to support the appointment of Mary-Dailey Desmarais, director of conservation.

On the 13th of July, our Bureau of investigation revealed that Nathalie Bondil was made to indicate in June that his contract would be renewed.

Mary-Dailey Desmarais is married to Paul Desmarais III, heir to the powerful family-run business that has built the firm Power Corp.

According to the signatories of the letter sent on Tuesday evening, only the director general of the museum (so Nathalie Bondil) may ratify the appointment and dismissal of senior management of the Museum.

“It appears to us clear that the Board has overstepped its prerogatives by not respecting the regulations on the general administration of the Museum,” they write.

According to the regulations of the Museum, the special meeting must be held at least 30 days after all members have been notified. The MUSEUM has more than 108,000 members.

The annual general assembly of the MMFA would normally be held in September.

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