Spectators, turn off your cell phones, misery!

Viewers, turn off your cell phones, misery!


A few weeks ago I attended a premiere at the theatre. 

A sparkling, charming, hilarious play. 

I loved it. But what I didn't love was that cell phones rang, not once, not twice, but THREE times during the play, which lasted just an hour and a half! A ringing every half hour, misery! 


Can you believe that the first time a cell phone rang, it was that of the playwright's blonde? And that the second time was that of a former cultural columnist? 

However, if there are people who are well placed to know that it is a total lack of respect for the artists on stage, it is them!

For several years, in theaters show, we are warned not once, but twice to turn off our cell phones. A recorded voice, and a flesh-and-blood human warn us BEFORE the performance to perform this gesture of the most basic of courtesies: eliminate noise pollution.

Not put your cell phone in vibration mode, but the 'turn off completely.

There is another phenomenon I want to tell you about: people who are in the middle of a row and who get up in the middle of a show to go to the bathroom. Uh! Didn't you feel like waiting for the intermission? To pee poo before the show starts? If you have a “hold on tight” problem, buy yourself tickets on the edge of the row, damn it!


< p>But back to cellphones. 

You know how much I love and appreciate actor Hugh Grant's British phlegm, even more so since he put a cheeky interviewer in his place on the last Oscars red carpet. 

< p>Recently, Hugh Grant was interviewed on The Late Show. He told Stephen Colbert he found the films “weird” now.  

“You know, in the good old days, from the second week of filming, everyone would get drunk at night, and have dinner and fall in love, with each other. And all that stopped because of cell phones. Really everyone goes home and checks their Twitter account. It's so sad.”

Host Stephen Colbert then asked him, “If there were no cell phones on film sets, there would be more 'adventures? » 

Hugh Grant replied: “Yes, I think so. Quentin Tarantino banned cell phones from his film sets, for good reason, and I'm told people on those sets jump on each other.”

Hahaha, of course, Grant gives us proof of his tongue-in-cheek humor. But when he talks about the disappearance of a complicity between humans with the appearance of cell phones, admit that he is still right! strong>

An anecdote, in closing… Twice a week, I take yoga classes, to escape for 60 minutes from the crazy world in which we live.

More and more, yogis bring their cell phones with them to class! And the other day, a @#$%$#@#$ from cell rang right in the middle of a pose, “downward facing dog”.

That's the world upside down: a source of stress in the middle of an island of calm, zen, meditation.

Ooooooommmmm… shit.

Viewers, turn off your cell phones, misery!