Speed ​​skating: Laurent Dubreuil in 11th place to end his season

Speed ​​skating: Laurent Dubreuil in 11th place to close his season


HEERENVEEN, Netherlands | Laurent Dubreuil concluded his season this afternoon by finishing in 11th place in the 1000m of the world championship disputed in the mecca of long track speed skating.

Dubreuil wasn't surprised with the result, even though he finished 2nd overall in the World Cup standings. “It's a race that is like my 1000m after Christmas, underlined the author of a time of 1 min 08 s 90, who occupied the first rank after 600 meters, but who broke too much in the home stretch to hope for a podium. I finished twice in 10th place in Poland. It's not bad, but I lack the physical form in the last lap to compete with the best in the 1000m, as I did in the first half of the season.

Dubreuil does not don't know the reasons for this decline. “Cold when I return from vacation, I will have to sit down and try to identify the reasons for this decline in form and find solutions for the next season. Jordan Stolz was still unbeatable, but my pre-holiday form would have allowed me to fight for silver or bronze.”

Gold medalist in the 500m on Friday, with an incredible 34.10s, the 18-year-old American, who is the youngest world champion in history, once again eclipsed the competition to climb on the highest of the podium under a time of 1 min 07 s 11.

Olympic gold medalist Thomas Krol (1 min 07 s 78) and Briton Cornelius Kersten (1 min 08 s 02) respectively won silver and bronze.

Among the options considered, Dubreuil could return to training more quickly after a two-month break. Last year, a post-Olympic motivational slump and a back injury kept him out of the gym for three months.

“If I had built myself a bigger training base, it could have made a difference and I might not have been out of breath in the 1000m at the end of the season.”

Dubreuil concluded the worlds with a silver medal in the 500m and a medal in gold in the sprint relay. “I'm glad the season is over.”

A 7th place for Gélinas-Beaulieu

Antoine Gélinas-Beaulieu finished an excellent season in the 1000m with a 7th place in a time of 1 min 08 s 73. “I would have been satisfied with a top 10, but here I am really happy with my 7th place , he summarized. A top 8 is beyond my expectations. I was dead at the end, but I gave it my all. I only have one out of four races left, and I am exhausting my last cartridges to finish in style.”

Gélinas-Beaulieu believes that he could not do better. “To get a podium today, I would have needed to do by far my best race ever. The caliber was exceptional. At sea level, I'm very happy with my time.”

Gregor Jelonek gave his protege a thumbs up. “Antoine is impressive, praised the veteran coach. For men, I don't think it's ever been done for a skater to win medals in the team sprint [gold] and pursuit [silver] in the same worlds. It's exceptional and it shows his versatility.”

Gélinas-Beaulieu will be in action in the 1,500m on Sunday, when the curtain falls on the worlds.

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