Spice Girls : An affair between Geri Halliwell and Mel B ? Emma Bunton reacts

Spice Girls : An affair between Geri Halliwell and Mel B ? Emma Bunton reacts

Geri Halliwell and Mel B have really had an affair of the time of the Spice Girls ? Melanie Brown says yes while the woman’s Christian Horner denies any relationship with the singer. Today, it is the turn of Emma Bunton to react to this bomb dropped several weeks ago now.

While the Spice Girls are in full preparation of their mini-tour of England, scheduled for the month of June, Geri Halliwell saw a info unexpected about his past back and forth in the media : it would have had an affair with Mel B several years ago. This is Melanie Brown who unveiled this anecdote, during his appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, before they qualify his remarks : “In reality, I have nothing admitted. I just said that we had had a ‘thing’. This was not a crazy thing to do. It’s just a thing that happened one night.

“This is the first time I hear this story”

Except that according to a source, the relationship between the two singers would have lasted more than a night, she would have “lasted at least twelve months“. On his side, Geri Halliwell, has denied all of these revelations via a press release unveiled by the Daily Mail : “It was very disappointing to read all these rumors again, especially on the day of the feast of Mother (…) She would like her fans to know that everything that has been reported recently is simply false and has been very hurtful to his family.” Despite her disappointment, the star is always up for the tour with the Spice Girls, a good thing.

Speaking of the Spice Girls, Emma Bunton was a guest on Virgin Radio UK to talk about the concert, but also to react to the bad buzz started by Mel B : “This is the first time I hear this story. I haven’t watched the interview, but with Mel B, you must not take everything in the 1st degree, it is very funny.” Melanie Brown never expected surely not to create as many stories with his bomb.


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