Spicy jokes Nadia Dorofeeva Dantes made to blush

Пикантные шутки Нади Дорофеевой Дантеса заставили краснеть

today, 17:23

Popular Ukrainian singer Nadya Dorofeeva often please the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. Recently, a beauty put up one post two new photos with husband and Dantes.
Comic this photo added a spicy joke Nadi. She explained to a surprised and confused look Dantes and his calm face with a simple caption under the photo:
“His face when he found out that this is your first day”

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Fans of the pair very entertained such a message, and they gladly responded. Although not all of us get the joke about the critical days. But we are confident that the singer more than once aptly joke so that everyone could immediately understand art. After all, a sense of humor Dorofeeva not deprived.

Recall, Dantes presented an interesting picture with Nadia, which is doing something weird.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Dorofeeva put a reverent frame of the trip to the Cape ROCA

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that celebrity boasted an amusing video, starring with the contractor a Positive in the promotional video of the popular mobile operator

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