Split : 5 secrets about the film with James McAvoy

Split : 5 secrets sur le film avec James McAvoy

Split : 5 secrets about the film with James McAvoy

This Sunday, 19 January, TF1 broadcasts from 21h05 the film Split, directed by M. Night Shyamalan and worn by James McAvoy, to be released in 2017. If you are wondering how many personalities has Kevin or what it means that the end of the film, PRBK has all the explanations ! Discover 5 secrets on the feature film !

1. The true story that has inspired Split

As crazy as it may seem, Split is in fact adapted from a true story. Or more precisely, the film is inspired from a man who has truly lived. It is William Stanley Milligan, known as Billy Milligan. In the years 70, the latter would have been at the origin of several armed robberies and three rapes on the campus of the Ohio State University. During the preparation of his trial, the expert was diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder, with nearly 24 different personalities. Billy Milligan was the first to use this disease to plead not-guilty and was acquitted, spending over 10 years in psychiatric hospitals. He died in 2014, at the age of 59 years, died of cancer.

2. James McAvoy almost did not play Kevin

To embody Kevin, the main character inspired of Billy Milligan, M. Night Shyamalan has chosen James McAvoy, who is still freaking out ! But the actor seen in X-Men or It 2 was not the first choice of the director. It is, in fact, Joaquin Phoenix, Oscar-nominated 2020 for his role in the Joker, who was scheduled to play Kevin. The actor is familiar with M. Night Shyamalan as he has already turned under his direction in the films Signs and The Village. Occupied by another project, Joaquin Phoenix has had to yield its place, and so it is James McAvoy who has been recruited.

Split : 5 secrets sur le film avec James McAvoy

Joaquin Phoenix had to play Kevin in Split

3. How many personalities has Kevin ?

In Split, Kevin changes of personality and it is scary. The film shows the 8 different “characters” : Kevin, Patricia, Orwell, Barry, Hedwig, Dennis, The Beast, and Jade. But in reality, it has 24, as Billy Milligan. In an interview given to PRBK for the release of the film, James McAvoy was expressed about these figures that he sees as different characters. “It was a real challenge. They have all been difficult to interpret. It took a lot of work in a short time. It is without doubt one of the most difficult movies that I’ve been able to do” we had he entrusted to us.

4. James McAvoy was injured on the filming

James McAvoy has given everything on the shoot, and not only to build each of the personalities of Kevin. For the purposes of a scene, the actor had to give a punch in a door. A scene that ended badly for the actor since he was seriously injured. “I had to hit the door. It was a metal door, but there was a small square that was in the foam and, of course, I missed him and I hit the metal, “said the actor. Result ? He had the broken hand and had to finish the shoot while being injured.

5. It explains the end of the film

The end of Split has enough to leave the audience confused, especially if you are not familiar with the universe of M. Night Shyamalan. In the last scene, we met in a diner where the info talked about Kevin. A customer was talking to another person “in a wheelchair“, not remembering his name. “Mr Glass” let go of another character played by Bruce Willis.

The actor reprises his role of David Dunn, the main character in the movie Unbreakable, released in 2000. Split is therefore part of the same universe as this film ! After that, the film Glass, released in the cinema in 2019, together even James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, who reprises his role of Mr. Glass. In an interview given after the release of Split, the director had explained that he originally wanted to incorporate Kevin into the scenario of the Unbreakable but that he had then removed the character for a matter of time.

The trailer for Glass, the result of Split

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