Spoils: Windows 10 upgrade removes photos

Have the latest updates for Windows 10 discovered a huge number of problems, it literally “spoils”

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Yesterday, 11:45

Портит все: обновление Windows 10 удаляет фотографии

The new patch breaks the fonts and not showing photos on the computer

The frequent release of various updates without thorough testing is not the best way affects the stability of Windows 10, reducing to it the trust of users. In 2018, the patch for the Windows 10 version 1809 removed personal files, and it seemed a disaster, the new update for 1903 can beat the record for the number of created problems users.

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The other day for the may update of Windows 10 was released the next patch that disables Bluetooth modules cause problems with old hardware, mute and night mode. As it turned out, this is not the biggest problem of the patch 1903.

Портит все: обновление Windows 10 удаляет фотографии

Windows 10 “deletes” images on the computer – not works preview

A Reddit user under the nickname Stable_Cable announced that the Windows 10 upgrade breaks fonts and not showing photos on his computer. The guy was unpleasantly surprised when after installing the patch and then restart many fonts have been deleted and the operating system itself was unstable.

Портит все: обновление Windows 10 удаляет фотографии

Here is Adobe Photoshop after upgrade – no menu item text

Moreover, disappeared the names of the files and folders on the desktop. Later, they barely manifested, but only partially. The problem with fonts is related to the Adobe Photoshop program that refused to work. Attempt to see your photos on the computer is also not successful, because the photo did not open and did not appear at the preview in the file system.

Портит все: обновление Windows 10 удаляет фотографии

Disappearing text names of the icons on the desktop WIndows 10

“Update to Windows 10, 1903 ruined EVERYTHING”, is the title of the topic a Reddit user.

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Technical support anything could not help the injured user, and he tried to find a solution on the Internet, in particular on the popular American online Reddit. The conclusion of many participants was simple and radical – a complete reinstallation of Windows.

Earlier, Microsoft started to force users to install dangerous updates, even if they threaten unstable. And last week, a Ukrainian stole from Microsoft for $ 10 million.

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