Sponge Bob, the movie : Bob and Patrick set off on an adventure in the trailer

The trailer of spongebob the movie : Sponge water disorders

After two movies released in 2004 and 2015, spongebob returns to the big screen in spongebob the movie : Sponge in the turbid waters of which the French release date has not yet been unveiled but is expected for 2020. The program ? A new adventure for Bob and his friend Patrick. Check out the trailer without waiting.

Born in 1999 (yes, it goes up) with the series spongebob squarepants which aired on Nickelodeon, the famous character continues to fascinate young and old as it is still currently aired in the United States and in France. A spin-off on the childhood of spongebob is even in preparation ! A success that will extend on the big screen to celebrate 20 years of the famous character.

In search of Gary

After sponge Bob, the movie released in 2004, and spongebob squarepants, the movie : a hero out of the water that you could discover in theaters in 2015, the famous character will begin in a brand new adventure at the cinema ! In spongebob the movie : Sponge in the murky waters, Bob is going to do in the face of an unexpected event (and traumatic) : the disappearance of his friend Gary, “escargotnappé” under mysterious conditions. In order to trace him, Bob is going to leave Bikini Bottom in the company of Patrick the starfish. They will find themselves in a whole new city, the Lost City of Atlantic City, and things will go wrong… The opportunity also to discover how sponge Bob and Gary met.

The announcement trailer to see in our slideshow, which shows that the Universal studios have opted to design slightly different from the one used in the cartoon but similar to that of the second film, when the hero left the ocean for the earth, while keeping the voice actors from the cartoon. This third film is dedicated to spongebob squarepants is scheduled for 20 may 2020 in the United States and the French release date has not yet been announced. Read below to find out the French poster :

Bob l'éponge, le film : Bob et Patrick partent à l'aventure dans la bande-annonce

The poster françaised e spongebob the movie : Sponge water disorders

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