“Sponsored by ATO”: propagandists Putin hounded Rotaru because of the support of Ukraine, has reached the limit

"Спонсировала АТО": пропагандисты Путина затравили Ротару из-за поддержки Украины, дошло до предела

today, 10:36

Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru has complained that it started to poison because it has support of the Ukrainian army at the time, like going on tour in Russia. Concert Director Sofia Rotaru Sergey Lavrov attempted to answer the criticism of the actress in advocacy program “60 minutes.”

Russian cultural figures have expressed a negative opinion on the fact that Rotaru intends to tour in Russia and even there were calls to boycott her performances.

"Спонсировала АТО": пропагандисты Путина затравили Ротару из-за поддержки Украины, дошло до предела

Sofia Rotaru photo: static.life

So, the actions of the artist began to discuss how broadcast the Russian TV and the Russian state Duma that did not like her Director, who tried to “shield” so as not to disrupt the monetary performance in Russia.

“Sofia Rotaru never sponsored the ATO didn’t send jars of jam. Interview with sister Lida – complete set up and a lie of the journalists of the yellow press. Sofia Mikhailovna absolutely loving person. She would never have sponsored the war. She has someone to sponsor. She had five sister and brothers, her grandchildren, her children. Grandchildren need to put his feet, and she is sponsoring. Therefore, all the statements that she sponsored the war is a lie”, explained Lavrov and added that last year she did not come to “Song of the year” in Moscow, because I wanted to avoid possible provocations.

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We will remind, Sofia Rotaru will perform in Russia.

As reported Know. ua, Rotaru will go to conquer Moscow.

Also Know As. ua wrote that married Alibasov spoke about the wedding with Rotaru.

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