Sponsorship: a victory that also gives wings to a local business

Sponsorship: a victory that also gives wings to a local business


There was not just one winner during the stage snatched by Hugo Houle in the tears and the heat wave of the Tour de France. Its sponsor, the Quebec company Premier Tech, can also open the champagne. 

“It’s really exciting what is happening to us,” admits the boss, Jean Bélanger , in an interview with Le Journal

During the last few hours, the name of the Rivière-du-Loup multinational, clearly visible on the runner's jersey, appeared everywhere in search engines. 

Beef success on the web

“The number of visits to our web pages, Facebook, Instagram, all our social media, it exploded. It's a slope as steep as that which Hugo climbed yesterday to seek victory “, jokes the leader who will be in Paris to welcome Houle at the finish of the Grande Boucle. 

The impact is difficult to calculate, however. Will the agricultural and horticultural products company seek more contracts? Time will tell, but when it comes to visibility, Premier Tech is filling up. 

“The Tour de France is presented in more than 130 countries. There are at least 30 countries broadcasting it live. From 4-5-6 hours live on TV, it's really huge in terms of visibility. » 

Good investment

Sponsorship: a victory that also gives wings to a local business

Jean Bélanger, CEO of Premier Tech

Without wanting to reveal the amount of the sponsorship, Mr. Bélanger is certain that the game is worth the effort. 

“ It is a substantial amount. When you compare it to advertising on hockey boards or on the wall of a baseball game, you have a good return on investment, he believes. 

An immediate friendship 

But for Premier Tech, cycling is an affair of the heart. A sponsorship of passion. 

The company has been investing in the development of cyclists in Quebec for 27 years, then, quietly, the company joined the grand tour and the world elite. 

« When I m address my world, I tell them: we are going to make one thing clear, I love cycling, it does not harm our sponsorship, but if I were a fan of Nascar, we would not sponsor this sport, because that does not match our values ​​and what we want to convey as a message. But here, the opportunity is the thief ”, explains Mr. Bélanger. 

The same goes for the association with Hugo Houle, which goes without saying, admits the leader. 

” We had an instant friendship between us. He comes home regularly. During the next few days, I will be on vacation and Hugo will join us with the children, we will ride for 4-5 days. We have a lot of respect for each other,” says Bélanger.

The two men met when Premier Tech was funding Astana training. After a somewhat stormy separation with the Kazakhstan team, Houle remained in the fold of Premier Tech, which joined forces with Israel Start-up Nation, owned by Montreal billionaire Sylvan Adams (see other text below ). 

“ We chose cycling because it is an international sport, we wanted to find a sport that rallies everyone, free and democratic, a family sport that you can practice with friends,” he concludes.  

A Quebec billionaire among the builders of the team 

Don't be fooled by the name of Hugo Houle's team, Israel-Premier Tech : this is primarily a Quebec and Canadian affair.  

“We have all the main Canadian players, both in terms of staff and riders. We have five of the six Canadian riders, a sports director from here [former rider Steve Bauer], a performance director, a chief mechanic. It's truly a Canadian team,” said team co-owner Jean Bélanger in an interview with Le Journal. 

Passionate de vélo

Sponsorship: a victory that also gives wings to a local business

Sylvan Adams, Quebec billionaire

The latter, who directs the destiny of the Quebec multinational Premier Tech, has teamed up with another Quebecer, billionaire Sylvan Adams, a cycling enthusiast, who then led the Israel Start-up Nation team. 

“Sylvan chose to use the name Israel as he wants to promote cycling there and in the Middle East. He also has dual Canadian and Israeli nationality,” explains Bélanger.  

Sylvan Adams is the son of Marcel Adams, the real estate magnate who built the first shopping center in Quebec, La Canardière. Then, a few years later, it was he who built the Galeries de la Capitale. 

Marcel Adams died in 2020 at the venerable age of 100 . He had led a discreet life despite his presence in the list of Forbes billionaires, recalled Le Journal two years ago. 

Great philanthropist

Sylvan Adams was the successor of his father at the head of the family business, Développements Iberville. However, he ran into trouble with the tax authorities. For the past five years, he has lived in Israel. 

Last June, Adams, who is also known as a philanthropist, donated $2 million for the renewal of the Graduate School of from Laval University. 

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