Sport available in all its forms to be in Olympic form on the Saint-Affrique side

Sport available in all its forms to be in Olympic form on the Saint-Affrique side

Patrice Grialou, responsable du service des sports, Émilie Gral, adjointe au sport, et Sébastien David, maire, ont présenté les actions pour valoriser le sport. Midi Libre – J.M COGNOT

Des rendez-vous grand public vont être déclinés jusqu’au début de l’été.

As part of the Paris Olympic Games, the territory of the fourteen municipalities of the community of Saint-Affricain, Roquefort, 7 Vallons is labeled Terre de Jeux 2024. Also, municipal elected officials wanted to take advantage of the organization of the Olympic Games in Paris to promote and promote sporting activity in the region throughout the first half of 2024. 

Several axes have been developed. First of all, events will be organized for the general public. This is how the Objective 2024 km operation will be renewed on Sunday March 24. This is a free race for the general public on a course that is 2,024 m long. The objective is to achieve, by accumulating the distances covered by all participants, to cover 2024 km. A first edition took place in April 2022.

A night of sports on June 22

At the beginning of June, Sports Night will take place. The sports facilities will be open to the general public on a Friday evening from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Co-construction work on the project will be launched in partnership with the member associations of the sports committee. The Aquathlon will also be renewed. This is an activity that combines swimming and running with circuits adapted to different ages. There will be a game for schoolchildren during the week and on Wednesday for children from leisure centers.

On Saturday June 22 afternoon it will be reserved for the general public. Generally speaking, several events supervised by the city's sports department teams will be offered to schoolchildren in public and private primary classes throughout the school year. In April, a new event will be set up by the Boule Lyonnaise club."It's called the Boulathlon,announces Patrice Grialou, head of the city's sports department who manages all these activities. It's the combination of running and precision shooting with the Lyon boules." It will take place at the bowling alley Émile Borel, along boulevard Aristide-Briand.

The Brazilian women's rugby sevens team

Furthermore, as part of the preparatory phase for the Paris Olympics, a Brazilian Olympic women's rugby sevens delegation will stay in Saint-Affrique from July 7 to 21. Brazil is the 9th nation in the world in the ranking. The delegation will include twenty people, namely fifteen players and five staff members. It will be based at the Edmond Devillers stadium and the accommodation and catering part will be located in the Cap Vert hotel complex. The program is currently being developed. It will include sessions open to the public and discussion times. This reception is done in collaboration with the departmental council and the community of municipalities. "We were in competition with Issoire and Nîmes," specifies Patrice Grialou. "We were selected thanks to the quality of the equipment and the reception and catering offer from Cape Verde.& quot;

In May, on the occasion of the passing of the Olympic flame in Millau, the Minolympiads will be organized for schools with cycling and canoeing outings. Finally, as part of this preparatory phase for the Olympic Games, the City wishes to use sport, and more specifically outdoor activities, to raise awareness among young people about climate change and more specifically the issue of water.

Hiking for young people aged 12 to 16

From the end of April until June, children aged 12 to 16 will be prepared for physical effort and to stay in a mountain environment. "We will offer dedicated activities to around twenty children, including backpacking, so that they can prepare for the effort,’ quot; announces Patrice Grialou. "An association will intervene to set up an educational activity on the theme of water during the spring holidays."

In July, eight children will go to camp in the Alps. On the program, there will be glacier walking and ice melting surveys. The impact of global warming on fauna and flora will be analyzed. A high mountain guide, an agent from the Écrins National Park and a naturalist will speak.

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