Sporting must resume its march forward

Sporting must resume its march forward

Une belle occasion de se rattraper pour Langogne.

Sunday March 3, at 3 p.m., at the Choisinets stadium, Sporting Langonais receives the Martres-de-Veyre team, currently penultimate in the Regional 3 championship, while Langogne is placed in fourth position, already behind by the second , the US Vendat. The leader, Pays de Rance, with eleven victories out of thirteen matches, will probably never be caught…

The Yellow and Black, as in the first legs, had a little blow for this recovery, illustrated by this match lost at home against Saint-Amant-de-Tallende, at the beginning of February, with a relaxation which cost them dearly. Combat mode is therefore required and there is no question of approaching the encounter with complacency, the bolts will be tightened as much as possible.

We have to expect a full match and the opponents of the day showed their fragility, losing by high scores against the good teams. It's up to Sporting to prove that he is part of it!

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