Sports: clarifying expected for the number of spectators on the outside

Sports: une clarification attendue pour le nombre de spectateurs à l’extérieur

The public health authorities in Quebec are about to clarify their position with regard to the number of spectators allowed at sporting events outside, has learned The Newspaper. There will be no more automatically a maximum of 50 spectators per site.

Since a few days now, Baseball-Quebec and Soccer Quebec must answer numerous questions from their members about the number of people allowed to attend at their events, recreational and competitive. The limit varied from one place to another according to the municipal by-laws and the carrying capacity of an infrastructure with respect to the distancing physical.

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Travelers in Saguenay are limited to 50 people, Wednesday evening, in their opening match of the Ligue de baseball junior élite du Québec (LBJÉQ) to meet the government recommendations that can be found on the portal dedicated to the fight to the COVID-19.

The next day, the Eagles of Trois-Rivières welcomed 350 supporters in the stands of the Stadium Quillorama so that a meeting of the baseball League major Quebec (LBMQ) was magnetized more than 450 faithful to Thetford Mines, the last weekend. The place can accommodate up to 7000 people in normal times.

“Three weeks ago, we were told that social distancing would prevail and that this would be corrected on the website, but it is still there and I received an update today [Friday] as what it is necessary to comply with the 50 people outside for tea,” said the general director of Baseball Quebec, Maxime Lamarche.

“This rule is inconsistent because it can allow more than 50 people on the plains of Abraham or to the bay of Beauport, in as much as the social distancing is adhered to. These teams of a calibre higher, need more money to operate, and if they can’t put 250-300 people in their stadium, they will stop playing at the ball.”

Change to come

However, this position of the public health is explained poorly, as no decree prohibits sports organizations to host more than 50 people to the open sky. The decree only made reference to inner events.

This means that they do not contravene any law if more than 50 people end up in their facilities. The separation physical of 2 m, however, must apply at all times.

“In public places, there is no maximum number of participants or households. A significant number of people in the same congregations might soon make us forget the importance of the 2 meters of distance, so the small group meetings remain favorable. This is why the recommendation of the public health is to limit the gatherings to less than 50 people. It is also important to maintain a distance of 2 meters between people”, said by e-mail, a spokesman for the ministry of Health and social Services.

According to our information, the folder will assess in a positive way over the next few days. A larger number of spectators will be officially admitted into the external infrastructure where it is possible to do so. The anticipated announcement will put a brake to this vagueness administrative cause headaches to sports federations.

“It is an issue for all categories,” says the big boss of Soccer Quebec, Mathieu Chamberland. When mom, dad, brothers and sisters landed in a field, it may force us to limit [the number of people].

“In what other sector is there a specific tag without the consideration of space? I ask myself questions, because these are the same standards inside and outside. It deserves a clarification.”

Anyway, it seems difficult to believe that volunteers, who are already required to manage the application of strict sanitary measures, will begin to deny access to land to family members for a match involving children.

“It would be an additional challenge for our volunteers who are working hard to enforce the distancing and for young people to wash their hands”, let go of Chamberland.

Excerpt of decree number 543-2020 :

“4° in the case of a gathering outside in a public place, in any of the following situations : a) if the persons gathered are the occupants of a single private residence, or in lieu thereof; (b) if a person receives from another person a service or support; (c) if a minimum distance of two metres is maintained between the persons gathered


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