Sports fans booed a dancing babe on the match: video

Viewers found the behavior of girls is unacceptable

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Любители спорта освистали танцующую красотку на матче: видео

The girls dancing during the match angered the fans

On the page in Instagram hockey.epic appeared funny movie where an unknown girl dances during the regular season of the National hockey League (NHL) between “new Jersey Devils” and the “Boston Bruins”.

For the record, you can see the beauty approaches the protective glass of the arena “Ti-Di garden” in Boston, and performs an erotic dance.

However, an impromptu speech of American women provoked a storm of criticism from users of the network. They considered the behavior of the girls is unacceptable.

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“She just ruined the whole game trying to attract attention”, “I would have banned her from attending games”, “I was waiting for her to fall off this chair”, “Instead of hockey it is better to go to a strip club,” wrote in the comments under the video, nick.

Earlier, we wrote like a possum tried to disrupt a baseball game. A small animal ran onto the field, and the player “Arkansas” Carson Sheedi didn’t know what to do in this situation. But, with the help of the staff of the stadium field has ceased to be a zoo.

In addition, the “Today” wrote that during a football match Amateur teams, the spectators watched one of the most incredible saves, the hero of which became the animal. The video got a funny case when the rate has saved the team from the 100 percent goal.

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