Sports: fraternal wars at the top

Sports: Brotherly Wars at the Top


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce will face his brother Jason, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason, in Super Bowl LVII. 

This will be the first time that two NFL players sharing the same parents will cross swords in the final game of a season. However, this is not a first in the world of sport.

Here are five other duos of brothers who fought in an important meeting:

– Les Harbaugh , Super Bowl XLVII

Also in the NFL, brothers John and Jim Harbaugh were the two head coaches of the teams that faced each other in Super Bowl XLVII, renamed “The Harbaugh Bowl”. The former was in charge of the Baltimore Ravens, while the latter managed the San Francisco 49ers. It was John who emerged victorious from the confrontation, as the team from Maryland won 34 to 31.

– Les Niedermayer, Stanley Cup 2003< /p>

Brothers Scott and Rob Niedermayer were at the heart of a thrilling Stanley Cup final between the New Jersey Devils and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Scott, a star defenseman, finally lifted the precious trophy after a series of seven games. The full-back had five assists against his brother's club, who were limited to two assists. The Devils ultimately triumphed in all home games. The two then had a chance to win the Stanley Cup together in 2007, as Scott eventually joined Rob at the Ducks.

– The Nolas, 2022 National League Championship Series

Last October, Aaron (Philadelphia Phillies) and Austin (San Diego Padres) became the first brother duo to face each other in major league baseball's playoffs. In Game 2 of the National Championship Series, Aaron – a pitcher – got the start. He once faced Austin, who works as a catcher. This one hit a low ground ball on his caddy's second offering and was out. The Padres won the duel 8-5, but the Phillies won the series.

– The Haywards, Tokyo Olympics

Leon Hayward was the goalkeeper for the New Zealand field hockey team during the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2021. During the prestigious competition, he had to face his brother Jeremy. The latter worked as a defender for Australia. For the record, Leon chose to represent New Zealand and had the right to do so, since the mother of the two athletes is from this country. In the end, Australia won 4-2.

– Les Camm, 2020 Ontario Curling Championship

De back in Canada, brothers Matt and Jason Camm were forced into battle at the 2020 Ontario Curling Championship. He was the first to savor victory, by a score of 5-4, in a heated match disputed.