Spotify update on Aya Nakamura and Angela for us interest in the european elections

Spotify mise sur Aya Nakamura et Angèle pour nous intéresser aux élections européennes

Aya Nakamura, Angela, Zara Larsson… Spotify rely on them to get you to vote

The european elections are approaching, and to avoid the flop of 2014, Spotify has decided to motivate young people to vote through songs. Indeed, the platform has made a playlist of 28 titles, one per country of the EU. France is represented by Aya Nakamura, Belgium by Angela and Sweden by Zara Larsson. Then go listen to their songs and then head to the ballot box.

A playlist special european

Spotify has unveiled a music playlist made a commitment this Thursday, may 9, 2019. Please visit the page Get Voice Europe ! to discover a playlist of 28 songs (one for each country of the European Union). A way to listen to artists “local”, and especially to remind you that the european elections fast approaching (they will take place on may 26th).

Aya Nakamura represents France with his hit “Djadja”, Angèle Belgium with her single feminist “Balance your what” or even Zara Larsson Sweden with his song “Don’t Worry Bout Me”. Candidates of the Eurovision contest are also part of the selection, as Mahmood who represents Italy with the title “Soldi” and Duncan Laurence the netherlands with his song “the Arcade”.

When you hear : “Oh Djadja / no way Djadja / I’m not your whore Djadja, gender Catchana baby you dead it”, so we have to think not of the meaning of “Djadja” but the polls !

You can vote

If Spotify is encouraging people, especially young people, to vote in the european 2019, it is primarily because as the last election in 2014 had made an oven (the abstention was all the same, 57,57%). “We firmly believe that one of the best ways to make your voice heard is to vote” explains the platform, stating that “the european elections are in two weeks. Check out a playlist gathering the best artists of the four corners of the european Union”. It does not remain you more that to listen to tracks before they go to vote.


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