Sprat and beef for dogs: rossm scored a new fake about “starving Ukrainians”

Килька и фарш для собак: росСМИ отличились новым фейком о «голодающих украинцах»

Entertaining stories from rossm.

Favorite edition of Russian President Vladimir Putin, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” issued a new series of fake information about Ukraine, which says that the inhabitants of our country are starving. His alleged observations shared one of the journalists of the newspaper, who visited Kiev. With her words, she saw everywhere “starving Ukrainians,” reports the Chronicle.info with reference to prportal.com.ua.

However, it allegedly quotes the stories of their fellow traveler on the train: “People want to eat. I won the neighbor of the pensioner on holidays buys five cilecek on a herring it is not enough. And the other roommate is here and says: “Tired of starving, bought mince for dogs, patties made”. We have a beef, its price per kilogram is 7 hryvnia.” In this regard, the author claims that the Ukrainians are “all suitcase mood”.

“People have no prospects and did not hide that wants to go. Some to Russia, others to Europe. Corruption, nationalists, Ukrainization – all this is very annoying. We currently have no Russian kindergartens, even private. Everywhere be obliged to speak Ukrainian”, – allegedly told the friend the journalist.


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