Sprites: amazing lightning, unlike anything

Спрайты: удивительные молнии, не похожие ни на что

Спрайты: удивительные молнии, не похожие ни на что

Sprites: amazing lightning, unlike anything

During a severe thunderstorm at a height of from 30 to 90 kilometers into the atmosphere can appear sprites — unusual lightning different shapes and colors.

April 24, 2019 at 12:12

First sprites was recorded in 1989, when scientists from the University of Minnesota tested a new sensitive camera for research at high altitude. The camera was aimed at the stars but the lens came a distant storm on record was are distinguishable funnel short flashes of light.

Currently, the phenomenon is already well known. In contrast to the observed in the Land of lightning, sprites have bright color, reach 100 kilometers in diameter and “live” less than 100 milliseconds.

Sprites usually appear in groups, rarely one at a time. The color of the flares and their shape depends on the height at which they occur, related to different pressure and composition of the atmosphere. For example, if the sprite appears at the altitude of 70 kilometers, thanks to the nitrogen it will be red.

Photographer from Oklahoma Paul Smith (Paul Smith) specializiruetsya on the set of the sprites. They are best seen during a new moon when night is darkest, but the bright sky is no obstacle to meet with the sprite.

At lower altitudes the amount of oxygen and pressure more. The sprites are painted in cool colors (blue or white) are called jets.


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