Spy trainer Probably been drinking at pubs with fans of rivals “Leeds” to get information

Шпигун тренера Б'єлси випивав в пабах з фанатами суперників «Лідса», щоб добути інформацію

Became known details of a spy operation that came up with the head coach, “Leeds” Marcelo Bielsa this season

20-year-old Intern, which led to the club’s 63-year-old Argentinian, not only spied on the opposing team, “Leeds”, but also worked in the cities before the matches of the Championship.

During the season the Intern 24 hours went up, where is the future rival “Leeds”. He communicated with the residents, read local Newspapers and even drinking in the pubs with the fans of the club.

All this was done in order to learn every aspect that concerns the opponents “of Leeds”.

Recall that the espionage by the “Leeds” became known, when interns caught on the basis of the “Derby” before the January match of the Championship. He watched the team practice using binoculars. It was an initiative of his first and not the club.

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