“Sravi way”: it became known who will replace host Alexander skichko

Popular program of the stars will lead presenter

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"Зірковий шлях": стало известно, кто заменит ведущего Александра Скичко

Alain Vinnytsia and Timur Miroshnychenko

Showman Timur Miroshnichenko became the new host of the program “Sravi way”, which airs on the TV channel “Ukraine” on weekdays at 9:30. Miroshnichenko was invited to the project after he left Alexander skichko, who became the MP.

See also the video that Ukrainian celebrities received honorary award “Sarcofago the way”:

On 2 September the audience of the TV channel “Ukraine” saw the new “Sravi way”. In addition to the sensational revelations of celebrities, it became known the name of the new presenter of the program is Timur Miroshnichenko.

“Before the first record has survived, despite 15 years of experience in show business and television. But after the first recording I had the feeling that I’ve been here forever and is a good indicator. The atmosphere and staff at the canal and the project is wonderful”, – says Miroshnichenko.

"Зірковий шлях": стало известно, кто заменит ведущего Александра Скичко

Timur Miroshnichenko – the new host of “Sarcofago the way”

Partner Timur, longtime host of “Sarcofago the way” Alain Vinnytsia, met him personally at the casting of the project, and delighted with their first day on the set.

“I was very happy when I learned that my new partner is Timur! Not only is he a professional who knows everything about the stars, but also a wonderful person. We immediately found a common language and, I’m sure Timur will bring a lot of new “Sravana the way”, says Alain Vinnytsia.

By the way, Timur is a good friend of a former leading “Sarcofago the way” – Alexander skichko, who decided to build a political career and left a job in television.

In the new season of “Sravi way” surprise vivid confessions of celebrities and original headings, and “Kava z pepper” will reveal new secrets from the life of the celebrity. Watch the program “Sravi way” on air of TV channel “Ukraine”.

We also recall that the wife of Timur Miroshnichenko pregnant. The couple is expecting a second child and has declassified its gender.

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