Stabbed multiple times, he survives long enough to point to his mother.

Stabbed multiple times, survives long enough to point to his mother


An Oklahoma woman is charged with stabbing her 11-year-old son to death at a New Mexico residence.

According to the coroner's office , Mary Johnson allegedly attacked her son, Bruce Jr, several times before inflicting several injuries on himself.

The boy reportedly survived long enough to name his mother to investigators, before succumbing to his injuries.

Bruce and his father, Bruce Johnson Sr, had moved to Hobbs, New Mexico, to get away from his abusive mother.

Despite divorce proceedings In class, the parents had agreed that Mary Johnson could see her son regularly.

Neighbors told KOCO television that the woman's behavior had worsened in recent weeks.< /p>

“It's been going on since last November or December. It only got worse after that,” Erick Wyatt said.

The Marshall County Sheriff's Office confirmed that several incidents were reported at the Johnsons' home before they left for the New Mexico.