Stabbing attack in a church in Spain

Fatal knife attack in a church in Spain


A sexton was killed and several people injured including a priest in a stabbing attack Wednesday night at a church in Algeciras, southern Spain, authorities said.

“The stabbing attack” occurred “shortly before 8 p.m.” in the church of San Isidro in Algeciras, the interior ministry said, and not in that of San Lorenzo, as he had initially indicated by mistake.  

One person was killed outside the church and one injured inside the church, the ministry added. < /p>

A police source told AFP that the person killed was a sexton while one of the injured was a priest.

According to this source, the assailant was dressed in a djellaba and “screamed something” at the time of the attack. 

Local media, based on testimonies, indicate that the assailant was armed with a machete with which he killed the sexton. 

Investigation for d Acts of terrorism open

An investigation into alleged acts of terrorism, the prosecution told AFP.

This investigation will be conducted by a magistrate of the National Audience, a court responsible in particular for terrorism cases, said the prosecution, without giving further details.