Stalking of Martin Carpentier: the Sûreté du Québec, much more discreet

Traque de Martin Carpentier: la Sûreté du Québec beaucoup plus discrète

After a week of tracking down where it has accustomed the public to a great deal of transparency about the progress of his research to locate Martin Carpentier, the Sûreté du Québec has adopted a change in tone, evoking a “new communication strategy” on Wednesday morning.

“The analysis of the information collected leads us to change our strategy. In order not to be detrimental to the operations that are underway in the sector, we will only contact you if we have new information”, had explained to the police, on Tuesday evening, on the social networks. Behind-the-scenes, they talked about a possible decrease in numbers for the days to come.

Wednesday morning, the provincial police was silent on its intentions. It has not been possible to determine if the perimeter of operations was still fifty miles square, as in previous days ; if the numbers were indeed down, or even if the ground search will continue for a seventh day.

“It is a communication strategy that has been changed”, was offered as an explanation Hélène Nepton, spokesperson for the SQ, by ensuring, however, that the public would be informed of any development of “serious”.

Command post

After having studied the possibility to pack it in at the mobile command post had been established near the high school Trails in Saint-Apollinaire, in order to direct operations from the police station’s physical Laurier-Station, SQ has finally decided to establish once more on Wednesday, its unit of mobile command at this place, which seems to confirm that the search operations will continue in this municipality.

For several days, the survey items suggest that Martin Carpentier, who is suspected of having taken the lives of his two daughters, is on the loose in a wooded area in the southern sector of Saint-Apollinaire.

The police has still not indicated whether she believes that Martin Carpentier is still alive or deceased. Investigators continue to evaluate both options, the use of beat patrols, police dogs, drones and thermal imaging cameras looking for the slightest clue to find the fugitive.

A week

It will be exactly a week, on Wednesday evening, that Martin Carpentier and his two daughters have disappeared, following a mysterious accident on highway 20 reported to 21: 30 on 8 July. An Amber alert was triggered the next morning, and then cancelled after the discovery of the bodies of Romy, 6, and Norah, age 11, Saturday.

The autopsy of the bodies of the two young victims is over, but the police does not want to disclose the cause of their death before having put the hand to the neck of their father.

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