“Star Académie”: Krystel Mongeau shines at the Capitole Theater

“Star Académie;: Krystel Mongeau shines at the Capitole Theater


Watching the talented Krystel Mongeau perform on the stage of the Théâtre Capitole in Quebec City on Friday evening, the conclusion quickly became clear: the Quebec public made an informed choice by crowning her grand champion of the season 2022 of Star Academy.  

Like a fish in water on the boards and not shrinking from any vocal challenge, the 26-year-old Sherbrooke resident, who is due to launch a first album in 2023, showed that her star was ready to shine during the premiere of the tour of finalists of the last season of TVA's popular musical tele-hook. 

Alongside the one that the public had adopted to the point of saving it every time it was put in danger, the Madelinot teenager Éloi Cummings, Krystel was impeccable. 

Twice, the spectators stood up to applaud him and rightly so. Like on TV, his interpretations of two pieces that are not within reach of all the vocal cords, Encore et encore and Je ne suis que une chanson, have been amazing. 

The one who notably made her classes within Quebec Issime is a chameleon. Just sensitive enough to the commands of the touching I Won't Let Go, by Rascal Flatts, this country buff then transitioned with ease into a more rock register by tackling Tonight we dance in Naziland. 

Over the years, the winners of Star Académie have rarely been those who have had the most glorious careers. Think of Marie-Mai, Andréanne A. Malette or Mélissa Bédard, who have all surpassed the champions of their cohort. 

Krystel Mongeau could well reverse the trend. 

Not at the same stage 

In the circumstances, comparisons with Éloi Cummings, whom she calls her little brother, are necessarily unfair. The two artists are simply not at the same stage in their development. 

At 17, the endearing young man, who is taming the stage, has had good times and bad times. 

He did best in his solo songs. His Say Something, taken from Justin Timberlake, was well rendered, as was his rereading of When Men Live on Love. 

His lack of experience was evident during the duets, especially during the now unmissable Shallow and A little higher. More retiring, we were able to measure the path he still has to travel to reach Krystel's artistic maturity.

Let's give him time. 

Too of classics 

That said, this well-paced show avoids the lows. However, it would have been interesting to opt for a musical selection, let's say, more contemporary. 

Piaf, Trenet, Aznavour, Cash, Parton, Harmonium, Piché: the obligatory potpourri of this type of show (country, Quebec, French, duets) were largely made up of classics from the last century.

Why not offer them the opportunity to rub shoulders with more of their generation's hits, as they did by covering Chris Stapleton and Sia, among others? Mystery.

****Krystel and Éloi will be back on stage at the Théâtre Capitole on Saturday evening. For all tour dates, go to musicorspectacles.com.