“Star Académie”: Marc Dupré, a passionate animator



Marc Dupré, the new host of Variétés de “Star Académie”, sees himself above all as a big brother and a friend of future Academicians. Because he always needs to be impressed and touched, his involvement will necessarily go beyond the Sunday evening shows.

Marc Dupré likes to put himself in danger and try things he has never done before. Hosting a big Variety show like the Sunday shows of “Star Académie” were not necessarily part of his objectives, but he welcomes the challenge with pleasure.

“I consider myself a guy who makes music and performs,” ​​he explained in an interview. Listening to young people sing, giving my comments, having fun, that's what I like to do. It also allows me to continue doing what I love the most and to share my passion with as many people as possible. The set of “Star Académie” is incredible, I can't wait to experience it fully. It's going to be new for me to not just be the guest.”

He also admits that the proposal came at a good time, when artists who do big shows like him are currently deprived of their public.

“Instead of putting on a new show with certain limitations, I prefer to wait for it to start off as it should. In the meantime, I continue to fill myself with music and experiences. I need to move, go out, work and keep myself in action all the time, I couldn't see myself doing anything.”

Up to the challenge

Because he is a man of the stage, Marc Dupré feels confident in this role of host.

“I'm going to talk to candidates and teachers; we will talk about music, emotions conveyed by songs, experience moments of joy and others more difficult, it's a pleasure. I'm going to be an integral part of the show, and that allows me to keep myself alive.”

With all his years of experience as a guest artist, as a coach at “La Voix” or as a host of “In the studio”, he knows the mechanics of this kind of shows.

“I am a guy who easily absorbs information and I have a fairly high sense of observation. I've done interviews, I've been on big sets, I know how it works. I will be able to deliver the “show”.

A personal style

By taking over from Patrice Michaud, Marc Dupré knows that he will bring a different energy.

“I will speak to people as I speak in life. I am someone who likes to laugh, who has repartee, who wants to have fun, and we will feel it. I want to have “fun” all the time. For having been a coach at “La Voix”, I know that there are more difficult times for candidates, times when you have to be serious and, others, more fun and “fun”.


The singer also sees himself as a protective big brother for the candidates.

“I know when someone is not on their plate, and I will be able to speak with the candidates. I like this contact, I love seeing the next generation. On social networks, that's what I'm looking for, to hear new singers, to follow the evolution of artists, to see the changes in the music world… I want to be aware of all that, because I love my job and I love music.”

The first Variety of “Star Académie” will be presented live, this Sunday, at 7 p.m., on TVA.

The daily will be broadcast Monday to Thursday, at 7:30 p.m. , from January 17.

All “Star Académie” meetings are available for catch-up on TVA+.

An audience restricted

The health rules currently in force mean that the first Variété, this Sunday, will take place with a limited audience, mainly made up of the families of Academicians already recruited to enter the Academy.

For Marc Dupré, the presence of the public is important, because it can have a galvanizing effect on young singers.

“It's important for artists to see people's reactions. If you are singing a song and you see, for example, people crying, it touches you and it transports you even further in your interpretation.

Adjustments will be made by production for the following weeks according to the evolution of the health rules dictated by the government. However, the presence of international guests is not at all compromised. Confirmations have been made recently, and several names should be announced shortly.

Lara Fabian, a dedicated director

For a second year, Lara Fabian takes over the management of the Academy with pleasure and kindness.

“This prospect of being in the shoes of the director again, of being the one who takes the hand, it is really a great happiness”, she exclaimed at the opening of the final auditions.

Last year, Lara stood out for her elegance, her pertinent advice, her ability to listen and her limitless generosity. We also discovered how much she is able to understand the humans in front of her and help them find the path that will make them better.

For this season, she wants to keep the same course and the same energy. “I will always keep the gaze of the spectator, of the girl who is lucky enough to be in observation, not just in judgment, she confided in an interview. We want to be guides and companions. Above all, I want to be available for what is going to happen, to be 100% present for what may happen.”

A high-calibre brigade

The team of teachers at “Star Academy» welcomes a new recruit, who has accumulated several decades of career.

Guylaine Tremblay will indeed be in charge of helping young people to perfect their interpretation by feeling more what they sing. This is the first time that the actress will slip into this kind of role.

“I have never taught, and it is funny that I do it in this context. But I wanted to try that, and I am very moved by the talent of the young people, by their passion.”

Essential, Gregory Charles will continue his mission of preparing the Academicians for the group numbers Sunday evening, and to accompany those who are in danger.

“Even if we are on TV, we are in an educational role. We must try to use our instinct, our experience, and visualize or predict how we are able to participate in the progress of each Academician. over the weeks. Ariane Moffatt will be back for a second year. Louis-Jean Cormier, Fouki and Vincent Vallières will complete the team on a work-study basis.

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