Star Academy rigged ? Georges-Alain-balance, Jean-Pascal and Nathalie André, the taclent

Star Academy truquée ? Georges-Alain balance, Jean-Pascal et Nathalie André le taclent

The Star Academy rigged ? Jean-Pascal and Houcine react to the words of Georges-Alain

At the end of 18 years of age, Georges-Alain, semi-finalist of season 2 of Star Academy, has revealed that the show would have been rigged. A rumor of cheating, to which Jean-Pascal and Houcine, also former candidates of the show, have reacted. Even Nathalie André, the former director of the castle, was required to respond to these accusations of cheating.

The Star Academy, “I can admit now, it was all rigged”

While a biopic about Grégory Lemarchal, the winner of the 4th season of Star Academy on TF1, is in preparation, the former program lies at the heart of the buzz. You have probably seen Georges-Alain in the 2nd season of Star Ac. Now, he commentates football matches for Turkish on a string of Canal+ group and competing in ski cross, snowboarding and mogul skiing on the chain of The Team. The former candidate of the tv-hook is also preparing an album. But most of all, 18 years after issuance, he assured the Parisian, in an article published on Tuesday 18 February 2020, that the Star Ac was rigged.

“Now, I can admit that it was all fake” he blurted out, “I discovered that it is me and Emma Daumas , who had to go to the final. It was decided even before the show”. And why is Georges-Alain and Emma Daumas did not go in the finale of season 2 of Star Academy then ? As a reminder, these are are Nolwenn Leroy (winner) and Houcine Camara who went there. “I flipped out, and the producers have organized my elimination in the semi-final because I threatened to just swing,” he assured, “My problem is that I was older than the other candidates and that I had understood the inner workings”.

Houcine, Jean-Pascal, and the former director of the castle react

On Tuesday 18 February 2020, a few hours after the rumors of cheating, Houcine was invited to TPMP on the C8 to give his opinion. Cyril Hanouna asked him : “Houcine, tell us the truth, is it that you’ve seen dirty tricks in Star Ac ?”. “It’s been a long time that one has not seen. One of the meetings-meals. We’ll see you all, then it is true that Georges-Alain is less present or we miss on these appointments,” he first wished to clarify.

“You think that Georges-Alain said or not ?” insisted Cyril Hanouna, what the one who had down Jenifer in The Voice finally answered : “I find it crazy because I myself have not felt, not at all !”. “I think the public vote, even if the magnetos are both managed or directed” he confessed, “We talk about Magalie (Magalie Vaé, editor’s note), there is a public who has voted for it, who supported it. The audience potentially buying music, the audience is going to see concerts…”.

Star Academy : rumors of cheating is balanced by Georges-Alain, Houcine reacts

The facilitator of TPMP was then called one of the semi-finalists of the first season of Star Academy : Jean-Pascal. The phone in direct talk-show, he assured : “No, but that is not possible. Stop there’s no debate, it is a false debate. We can not say such nonsense. It is not rigged, stop. The other he wants to make the pub 18 years after because maybe he has a lack of awareness or another. It was only to complain at the end of two years”.

The one who was back on tv for a show with his wife and children, added : “I think it is bullshit. He should stop spitting in the soup, all of that may be because it has not succeeded after or what. But we need to stop, I think, spitting in the soup”. “That he repays the money he has earned through it” even won Jean-Pascal Lacoste, “I think that he should stop to want to be the Star,’ Ac, instead he is proud of what he has done and that he may be allowed to move forward”. And he claimed not to have seen any cheating : “Frankly no, no scam”.

Star Academy : rumors of cheating is balanced by Georges-Alain, Jean-Pascal reacts

Finally, it is Nathalie André, the former director of the château, which was held to refute the declarations of Georges-Alain. On her Twitter account, she said : “You’re lack of awareness my little cat ? However, with your voice, you would have had to win ?!! In the meantime, without the Star Academy you would still be at home and not on Canal+ ! What was ‘rigged’… it is safe, it is that Elton John didn’t want to sing with you !”. A message to which the main party has not yet responded.

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