Star host Jay Leno victim of a motorcycle accident

Star host Jay Leno victim of motorcycle accident


Just months after suffering severe burns in his garage fire, star host Jay Leno was injured again, this time in a motorcycle accident.

In an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, the former host of the Tonight Show, recounted the accident which occurred on January 17 last in which he was knocked off his motorcycle. In the accident, he broke his collarbone, two ribs and cracked both kneecaps.

Jay Leno, 72, admitted he avoided talking about the accident because the media coverage of his previous misadventure. However, he wanted to reassure by stating that he was fine. “I'm fine. I'm working this weekend,” he added.

Recall that last November the star host had to receive a skin graft after suffering serious burns to his face, chest and hands when a fire broke out while he was doing mechanical work on a vehicle.