Star members of the “League of laughter” told about family Christmas traditions and favorite movies

Звездные участники "Лиги смеха" рассказали о семейных новогодних традициях и любимых фильмах

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It is known that on Friday, December 27, will be a great game within a Comedy show “the League of laughter”. For the first time in the history of the project 2 teams will compete for the President’s Cup. Also the participants of the two teams will be the most recognizable actors over the 5 years of the show, and the jury will be composed of Ukrainian celebrities, such as Alexander Usik, Katherine Kuhar, Sergey Babkin, Natalia Mogilev, and Vlad Yama.

Звездные участники "Лиги смеха" рассказали о семейных новогодних традициях и любимых фильмах

The League of laughter

So, on the eve of the ether members of the “League of laughter” told about his Christmas traditions, and shared favorite movies a Christmas theme.

Mark Kucevalov (Transparent racer)

“In my case there was no unusual places, where I celebrated the New year. By the way, it would be necessary to set a goal – and this exactly in a very unusual place. So if anyone has suggestions about non-trivial time in the night, write me in telegram. In General, on the nature I – the housing and brownie the New year is always met with the family at home. By the way, thanks parents, I believed in Santa Claus for a long time – up to 16 years. Then we began to realize that it is primarily someone’s work. Has a beard, and there are men who wear it on certain days of the year. But of course, like many, as a kid I wrote Santa Claus letters. Passed via neighbor-grandfather, he had his own home a deer. Parents invented the legend that this person has direct contact with Santa Claus. So through him I passed on the message about desired gifts. The my ambition in my childhood was to receive a gift of a rubber dinosaur, well, or a toy man. But this year, probably will not anything to think. I feel bad when you make a wish, and then it doesn’t come to pass. Don’t want to experience these emotions.

As for movies, my favorite is “the Fifth element”. Don’t know why, but he’s the one I associate with New year. But classic films, with snow and culture festival, I do not watch”, – said the comedian.

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Звездные участники "Лиги смеха" рассказали о семейных новогодних традициях и любимых фильмах

Mark Kucevalov

Ivan Lubenov (Stoianivka)

“The most unusual place where I celebrated the New year, is the city of Chernivtsi. We worked with the guys in the new year’s eve. And I remember when I worked in a bar in our village. That night I didn’t drink anything, and imprinted in the memory of this holiday. Remember, only in the morning, when my friend and I finished my shift and handed over the proceeds, I allowed myself a bottle of beer.

Tradition in our family, like all Olivier on the table and carols for the neighbors. Even when we become adults, we still went caroling with the kids. Never remember how much money we have for the evening gathering. Because basically we do not give money, and were treated to Goodies or even occasionally invited to the table. In General, in the New year for me the main thing is not to sit in front of the TV all night, utopiales in the screen. Need to meet with family, friends, go outside. Happy New year, in addition to home Alone movie, I still associate “Operation y…” and the musical “chasing two hares”, said the winner of the show.

Звездные участники "Лиги смеха" рассказали о семейных новогодних традициях и любимых фильмах

Ivan Lubenov

Irina Saponaro (Women’s Quarter)

“In the New year I’m always working. Don’t even remember when I met this holiday in the family circle. Can be, and so I have slightly lost the sense of magic that night. I hope when I have my own family and children, that feeling did come back. To truly celebrate the New year, I usually begin from January 1, when you go to his parents in Chernivtsi.

As for Christmas movies, always before the holidays reviewing all of the “Harry Potter”. For me this is the most atmospheric movie these days: when you get under the covers, buy all sorts of Goodies and slowly enjoy the magical story,” admitted the team “Vinnytsia”.

Звездные участники "Лиги смеха" рассказали о семейных новогодних традициях и любимых фильмах

Irina Soponaru

Artem Dumnicki (Veterans of the space forces)

“Usually I’m with family for the New year go abroad, but this year, most likely, will mark the occasion at home, in Priluki. The most unusual place where I celebrated the New year, it was in a foreign country in the Chernihiv region. We didn’t know absolutely who it belongs to, and how we even got there. And there it was very cold. But in the end it turned out very fun and cool holiday. So sometimes it’s better not to plan anything ahead of time – and to trust your instincts. As for favorite Christmas movies, I’ll probably be trivial, and call the top three, without which the New year is, in principle, can not imagine. This “Irony of fate or with light steam”, “home Alone” (both parts) and “Gentlemen of fortune”. If anyone still somehow didn’t look, do!”, – said the comedian.

Звездные участники "Лиги смеха" рассказали о семейных новогодних традициях и любимых фильмах

Artem Dumnicki

Ekaterina Nikitina (Women’s Quarter)

“Recently, our family has a tradition – we set home with two trees. One big one, the one we decorate all together and a little – which deals exclusively with my younger brother. Another family tradition is to review every year home Alone. Already lost count, how many times have seen this movie! Although not so long ago, I had another favorite Christmas movie is “how the Grinch stole Christmas,” which, besides the funny moments, there are lots of things enlightening and thought-provoking. And actually, I really love during the Christmas holidays yet for the reason that at this time you can go caroling. I’m doing this “hunted” from early childhood. We had a whole costume show, grandma gave me a makeover, and the whole village was waiting when we a large part will go to visit them. Already in 7 years I only had one night to earn more than 100 USD! At that time it was a decent amount, which I spent mostly on soft toys and sweets”, – said the member of the team of Kremenchug.

Звездные участники "Лиги смеха" рассказали о семейных новогодних традициях и любимых фильмах

Ekaterina Nikitina

Recall that the wife of the editor of the Ukrainian show “League of laughter” and a former participant of KVN Andrew Chyvurina was the owner of the hotel in anacoana Crimea, violating EU sanctions.

As reported by the portal Znayu Kateryna Kuhar and the main woman in the show “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravetz had a fight on stage.

The portal also Znayu wrote, Kravets was in bed with a Mustache, but Klitschko kissed Zelensky.

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