Star of Game of Thrones told about psychological problems: day not left the house

Звезда Игры Престолов рассказала о психических проблемах: днями не выходила из дому

The actress who played Sansa stark in the legendary TV series “Game of Thrones” talked about how she eats depression. After all, for many years, since teen age, Sophie Turner is struggling with this painful mental state, transfered into the disease.

“I have been struggling with depression for five or six years. For me now a real challenge to get out of bed, get out of the house. Anyway I’m trying to learn to love myself. It’s weird. Can’t say that I was in a terrible depression when I was younger, but I constantly thought about suicide. Don’t even know why. Perhaps I saw it as a kind of charm, but Yes, I thought about it a lot. Even could not imagine that I would be using it,” she confessed.

The actress said that she is very much hurt criticism on social networks.

Звезда Игры Престолов рассказала о психических проблемах: днями не выходила из дому

Sophie Turner remembered by the audience with the role of Sansa stark

“I have had problem skin – I was a teenager, and that’s fine, but I received a lot of comments on this topic. All discussed my skin, my weight, how I’m a good actress. And I just believe in this. I agreed and said, “Yes, I am pimply. I’m fat. I’m incompetent”. Asked the costumers to tighten the corset for me. I began to be ashamed of themselves”, – said Turner.

Turner shared how never went out and wept day and night. Then she went to a psychiatrist and started taking antidepressants. Now she’s still in therapy.

Sophie Turner born 21 February 1996 in Northampton. In the TV series “Game of thrones” she played the role of Sansa stark.

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