Star of the NBA “new York Knicks” will come to Kyiv for the match Ukraine – Latvia

Зірка клубу НБА «Нью-Йорк Нікс» приїде у Київ на матч Україна – Латвія

Kristaps Parsings injury will not help his team on the court, but would support her in the Kiev Palace of sports

Home basketball game of the summer, which will be held July 1 in Kiev Palace of sports, will have an incredible weight.

Ukraine and Latvia will fight for the fantastically important points in the selection for the world Cup.

According to unofficial information, along with the team will come a collection of NBA – Kristaps Parsings, informs the press service of the basketball Federation of Ukraine.

The gambler “new York Knicks” and a star of the Latvian national team due to injury will not help his team on the court, however, will keep it in Kyiv sports Palace.

Note that Kristaps won the contest of skill of the match of stars of NBA-2017, and is also one of the leaders of the “new York Knicks”, which is in 2015.

Kristaps may be the only star guest at Macs Ukraine – Latvia, which will begin at the sports Palace on 1 July at 16:00.

This match will definitely attend and FIBA Europe President Turgay Demirel, who will arrive in Ukraine for the first time in four years.

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