Star of the Quarter 95 seemed to be in a tiny bikini: a real nymph

Звезда Квартала 95 показалась в крошечном купальнике: настоящая нимфа

Ukrainian singer and recently the star of the Studio “Kvartal 95”, Faith Cecelia actively engaged in their profile on the social network Instagram, and often shares with fans personal photos. Faith recently went on holiday to Turkey. The singer has pleased fans of a photo, which showed sexy body.

Good morning)“- succinctly signed photo Faith Cecelia.

Judging by location photo artist rests in Bodrum, which is located on the eponymous Peninsula in the southwest of Turkey. 32-year-old star posed for photos in a sexy bikini coral color.

Fans of Faith is not left without the attention and praised her beautiful figure. Users of the social network leaving a lot of compliments in the comments under the photo.

“Vera, where did you buy such a cool bathing suit?”, “Charming”, “charming”, “Nymph Faith”, “Faith, you’re beautiful and very pleasant personality. Achieve all you! And a good rest, of course,” wrote fans in the comments.

Звезда Квартала 95 показалась в крошечном купальнике: настоящая нимфа

Звезда Квартала 95 показалась в крошечном купальнике: настоящая нимфа

Faith Cecelia became known after he took part in the project “Voice of country”. She reached the final, but the victory wasn’t won. The singer has continued his career, released several solo songs and became one of the Actresses in the “Women’s quarter”.

“We have a very friendly and cheerful staff. We didn’t have to find each other approach, because we are very quickly joined by a common goal – to create a really cool project. Each of the participants is laid out in full, because it affects the quality of the project in the end. We feel this responsibility before the audience and try to do everything at the highest level”, – told about the work in the show Faith Cecelia in one of his interviews.

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