Star of the TV series “School” is getting married

Karina Cherniavsky said Yes to the proposal of marriage from her beloved

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Звезда сериала "Школа" выходит замуж

The star of “School” is getting married

Famous Ukrainian actress Karina Cherniavsky, who played the role of ASI in the popular series “School”, getting married. E guy, also an actor, Roman Magritsky made the girl a proposal right on the stage during the performance.

On his page in Instagram the actress showed off a touching moment, and has also published numerous congratulations from his friends and colleagues.

Звезда сериала "Школа" выходит замуж

Actress Karina Cherniavsky getting married

Звезда сериала "Школа" выходит замуж

Beloved made a proposal to the actress during the performance

In addition, Alena Chernyavskaya he shared his first impressions after the proposal of marriage.

“I can’t share the emotions of the day !) Rum, I love you ! We will both remember this day for a long time. Thank you all for the congratulations !) I’m still in shock and in great happiness. All love,” wrote Karina.

Звезда сериала "Школа" выходит замуж

Karina Cherniavsky and Roman Magritsky

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