Star Wars 9 : 10 questions that always arises after The Ascension of Skywalker

Star Wars 9 : 10 questions qu'on se pose toujours apr├Ęs L'Ascension de Skywalker

Star Wars 9 : 10 questions that always arises after the movie

Star Wars 9 : The Ascent of Skywalker was released in the cinema on Wednesday 18 December. But even if it is supposed to mark the end of the saga devoted to Skywalker, he was still left with several major questions. Here are 10 things that you always wonder after having seen the film. Warning, this article contains spoilers. Don’t go further if you do not want to know.

After The Awakening of the Force and Last of the Jedi, the new trilogy of Star Wars is now complete following the release of The Ascent of Skywalker, directed by J. J. Abrams. A film that does not have unanimous support from critics and spectators. If, like us, you’ve seen the movie, you may be one of the following questions.

1. How Palpatine is he come back from the dead ?

The first teaser of Star Wars 9 had surprised fans by announcing the return of Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), the big bad of the previous two trilogies. But the writers have taken a surprising decision : from the beginning of the credits, we learn that a message from Palpatine has been broadcast across the galaxy. But how did he make his return ? The mystery… The film does not explain how that which was death in Return of The Jedi was able to come back to life.

2. That Finn did he say to Rey ?

Before disappearing into the quicksand, Finn (John Boyega) seemed to want to say something to Rey (Daisy Ridley), when he believed to be in danger of death. But what did he reveal ? It will not be the answer to this question in the remainder of the film, even if Poe (Oscar Isaac) and Rey questioned him several times about it. Some think that it could be… a declaration of love. Yeah.

3. That happened between Rose and Finn ?

As long as we are on the topic of Finn, that happened just between him and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) ? At the end of the Last Jedi, they were kissing… but were not all that close in Star Wars 9. Even worse, the character of Rose was almost non-existent. Have they broken ? Finn is in love with Rey ? Kelly Marie Tran she had the balls to be relegated to the 3rd plan after being lynched by the “fans” of the series ?

4. That title means exactly ?

Following the revelation of the title of the film, many theories circulating about its meaning. The concern is that it has no real answers to this topic. Ok, Rey is said to be called “Rey Skywalker” at the end of the film, but is this really the only explanation ? Why use the word “Ascension” ? We do prefer the idea that “Skywalker” becomes a new way of referring to the Jedi…

5. Who is the grand mother of Rey ?

One of the big revelations of the film was the parents of Rey : we discovered as well that Palpatine had a son and that Rey is his little girl. But who is the grand-mother of Rey ? And also when the son of Palpatine, has it been designed ? The possibility that Darth Sidious has a child has never been referred to in the previous films and this has what to leave us puzzled.

6. How Ben does it leave the death Star ?

After his face-to-face with Rey, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) said “goodbye” to the dark side with a memory of her father Han Solo (Harrison Ford). But can you explain to us how he left the Death Star, knowing that Rey had “borrowed” his vessel ? Yes, the details, it matters !

7. How Finn did-he could not see that there were two vessels ?

One of the moments in shock – but in fact not so much – is the “death” of Chewbacca. In the first portion of the film, Rey confronts Kylo Ren, and they fight through the Force to prevent a ship launching, vessel in which is supposed to be Chewbacca. Except that Rey was discovering that she possessed a power that is only found in the most powerful Sith : the Force lightning and exploded the ship in question. Except that, surprise, there were in fact two ships, and Chewie wasn’t on the edge of the one that exploded. It contributes to buy glasses to Finn ?

8. Who were the Knights of Ren ?

They had promised us : Star Wars 9 was going to introduce the Knights of Ren, the Sith warriors led by Kylo Ren, but previews only in a very short flashback in The Awakening of the Force. Supposed to be very badass, they were knock out in less time than it takes by tell by Ben Solo at the end of the film and have not been used much in the film. But who were they ? It is campaigning for a spin-off !

9. Since when the Jedi can bring the dead back to life ?

One of the highlights of the film is the resurrection of Rey : while it has managed to eliminate Palpatine, young Jedi collapsed and it is Ben Solo that brought him back to life (before dying himself). However, this power of bringing the dead back to the afterlife has never been shown or mentioned in the movies. In the expanded universe, only one character has this skill is very rare : the Ground appeared in a novel which had used this power to revive Anakin Fel. He also had died after his act.

10. Jannah and Lando will have a right to a spin-off ?

A lot of fans thought that Jannah (Naomi Ackie) would be the daughter of Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams). But J. J. Abrams is not of any advantage in this direction, since we learned that Jannah was a former stormtrooper who had rebelled against the First Order. At the end of the film, Lando suggested that it would help him find his family. When will the spin-off ?

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