Star Wars 9 : 4 and the leaks confirmed in the new trailer

Star Wars 9 : leaks confirmed with new trailer

The new trailer for Star Wars 9 (or Star Wars : the Ascent of Skywalker) unveiled in the beginning of the week could well have confirmed the several leaks around the film directed by J. J. Abrams. The release date in France is set for 18 December, but it’s been months that internet users, especially on Reddit, reveal info about the film. Some would not also fakes that that. Warning, this article may contain spoilers. Don’t go any further if you don’t want anything to know.

Since the release of Star Wars 8 in 2017, many of the “leaks” supposed to have been enumerated on the web, especially on forums like Reddit or 4chan. In may 2018, the first leaks revealed a plot major around Kylo Ren and Rey’s info is proven to be false. A few months later, another leak appeared to confirm the reconciliation of the characters played by Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley. Recently, other leaks have been published on the web and some seem to have now been confirmed thanks to the new trailer for Star Wars 9. And who says leaks said obviously potential spoilers. This article is to be read at your own risk !

1. The reprogramming of C3PO

It looks like C3PO is going to sacrifice himself in Star Wars 9. According to the leaks posted on Reddit, the droid should be reprogrammed. The goal ? Decode an ancient language. This knowledge is buried in the memory of the droid, Rey and the other will have no other choice than to delete the latest data. One thing that seems to be confirmed : after the red eyes in the previous trailer, we could see the character played by Anthony Daniels to say goodbye to his “friends” in the new trailer.

Star Wars 9 : 4 leaks confirmés dans la nouvelle bande-annonce

Star Wars 9 : C3PO soon to be deprogrammed ?

2. Rey and Kylo Ren in the heart of the plan of Palpatine

We know from the revelation of the title and the first teaser : Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) will be back. If the circumstances surrounding the comeback of the great villain of the saga are still unclear, a leak from the site Making Star Wars explained that the connection of Kylo Ren and Rey would be tied to his plan. According to this leak, the Emperor should “drain the Force that flows between them and so be young again“. One thing that does not seem far-fetched : in the new trailer, we can hear Palpatine say “Your reconciliation is your loss“. This sentence would therefore be for Rey and Kylo Ren. Certain shots of the trailer also prove that Kylo Ren will be present at the same place as Rey in the scene where she confronts Palpatine.

Star Wars 9 : 4 leaks confirmés dans la nouvelle bande-annonce

Star Wars 9 : Kylo Ren and Rey in the heart of the plan of Palpatine

3. The appearance of Palpatine

On Instagram, Bespin Bulletin, an account specialist on the saga, announced that info around Palpatine. We learned that the big bad could be connected to a kind of machine. It seems to be confirmed since, even if the plan shows Rey, we can see that the Emperor is quite high and seems to be well connected to a machine.

Star Wars 9 : 4 leaks confirmés dans la nouvelle bande-annonce

Star Wars 9 : Rey in the face of Palpatine

4. The throne of the Emperor

We end up with another leak around Palpatine, this time, on his throne. The new trailer showed Rey and Kylo Ren in the throne room of the second death star seen in Return of The Jedi , but revealed also another throne. The last month, Making Star Wars revealed that the final confrontation between Rey, Kylo Ren, and Palpatine would take place in a dark cave on the planet Exogol. A info which seems to be confirmed.

Star Wars 9 : 4 leaks confirmés dans la nouvelle bande-annonce

Star Wars 9 : Palpatine is back

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