Star Wars 9 : Finn and Poe as a couple ? The actors and J. J. Abrams trust

Star Wars 9 : Finn et Poe en couple ? Les acteurs et J.J. Abrams se confient

Star Wars 9 : a gay couple in between Finn and Poe ? The actors and J. J. Abrams trust

Star Wars 9 : The Ascent of Skywalker which is scheduled to release on December 18, the film will not only be marked by the confrontation between Rey and Kylo Ren, it will also put a final end to the history of Poe and Finn. So, future couple or not ? Oscar Isaac, John Boyega and J. J. Abrams answer.

J. J. Abrams and his team are particularly skilled in order to preserve the secrecy around Star Wars 9 – The ascent of Skywalker, who will aim to conclude the new trilogy, but also the entire story of the Skywalker. Nevertheless, in the occasion of a meeting with Variety, Oscar Isaac – the interpreter of Poe Dameron, has agreed to drop a little info that might disappoint some people : no, his character Finn will not have a happy ending in love.

No torque Poe / Finn

Questioned by the american website on the special relationship between the two heroes, the actor has confirmed that no romantic history between them was not planned : “Personally, I would have hoped and liked this to be explored in more depth in the movies, but I don’t have the control. It seemed to me to be a natural progression, unfortunately, it was a time when people were still too afraid of… I don’t know what.”

And if Oscar Isaac appreciates, however, that “the ambiguity” of their relationship is always present in this last episode, which will enable everyone to see through them, it regrets that it does not go further : “If they had been in a couple, it would have been fun“.

A history of LGBTQ in the program

An opinion that should resonate in the hearts of fans and which is shared by John Boyega – the interpreter of Finn. Always with Variety, the actor confessed, “They have always had a very close relationship and very open, to the point that it would not have been strange to see them go beyond“, even if it was also insured to understand why nothing has really moved, “at the same time, everything is just platonic“.

But the fans of a couple Finn/Poe assured, if it should not, therefore, see the light of day on the screen, J. J. Abrams has promised that the community LGBTQ will not be forgotten : “It was important for me that people go see this film and feel represented.” How ? With who ? Appointment on the 18th of December at the cinema to find out.

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