Star Wars 9 : the absence of Pink explained by the writer

Star Wars 9 : l'absence de Rose expliquée par le scénariste

Star War 9: Rose ruled out of the film ? The co-writer responds

Released at the cinema on the 18th of December last, Star Wars 9 : The Ascent of Skywalker has not convinced all the fans of the famous franchise. Among the sensitive points of this latter component, centred on the family Skywalker ? The near-absence of Rose, played by Kelly Marie Tran, yet in the heart of the action in Star Wars 8 : the Last of the Jedi. On the web, many internet users have criticized the decision to dismiss the character. For its part, the co-screenwriter Chris Terrio denies having wanted to put aside the young woman and explain why it is less present.

During the release of Star Wars 8 December 2017, Kelly Marie Tran had experienced difficult times. New recruit in the role of Rose, Tico, she had been attacked by “fans” on social networks. The victim of insults and racist and sexist, the actress of 30 years had even been forced to close his account Instagram. A fiercely denounced by many of the stars of the saga, in particular by the director of Star Wars 7 and Star Wars 9, J. J. Abrams .

Rose ruled out of Star Wars 9

Except for that surprise at the release of Star Wars 9 (check out our review of the film) : although present in the casting, Kelly Marie Tran – or rather her character, Rose, is almost absent from the film. The Slate magazine has discovered the film stopwatch in hand… and calculated that the Pink appears only a minute and 16 seconds on the screen in The Ascent of Skywalker , while the film lasts for 2: 22 ! The actress appeared close to 11 minutes in Star Wars 8. One thing that have noticed the internet…

Chris Terrio is explained

Facing criticism, the screenwriter Chris Terrio, who co-wrote Star Wars 9 with J. J. Abrams spoke about the role decreased of Pink. According to him, it is not a decision to discard the character or the performer. He entrusts that he and the director are fans of Kelly Marie Tran. “One of the reasons for which Pink has less scenes than one would have wished, it is because of the difficulty of using the scenes of Carrie Fisher. We wanted Pink to be the anchor of the base with Leia. We could not leave there without a main character then Leia and Pink work” he explained at Awards Daily. And to add that technical limitations have prevented the addition of certain scenes. “During the process, a few scenes that we had written with Pink and Leia were not at the level that was hoped to be. These scenes have been cut from the movie. The last thing we wanted, it was to weed out deliberately Rose. We love this character and Kelly” he confided.

Soon a series on Pink ?

In the Face of this decision, some argue already for a series focused on Pink Disney+. This is the case of filmmaker Jon M. Chu who has directed the movie Crazy Rich Asians. Disney has not spoken on this subject, but several series on the Star Wars universe are currently in preparation. Adam Driver has, however, denied his involvement in a project around the character of Kylo Ren.

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