Star Wars 9 : the plot planned by Colin Trevorrow unveiled ? Here’s what might happen

Star Wars 9 : l'intrigue prévue par Colin Trevorrow dévoilée ? Voici ce qui aurait pu se passer

Star Wars 9 : the scenario provided by Colin Trevorrow unveiled ?

Released at the cinema on the 18th of December last, Star Wars 9 : The Ascent of Skywalker does not have unanimous support from critics and the public. But the movie would have been very different : before J. J. Abrams, this is Colin Trevorrow, who had to write and perform the last part of the saga of the Skywalker. The one who directed Jurassic World has left the project in September 2017, but the plot he had planned would just be unveiled. Yes, it is very different from the film that was shown in cinemas. Warning, this article contains spoilers.

Star Wars 9 continues to divide viewers in dark rooms. Following the release of the film, viewers have criticized several aspects of the film, such as the lack of Pink or the fact that the film does not explain how Palpatine has returned from the dead. On the web, the wildest rumours circulate : J. J. Abrams would, if believed by a source, was the victim of pressure from Disney and Lucasfilm, who have greatly influenced what we can see.

On Youtube, the director, writer and producer Robert Meyer Burnett has developed into a video longer than 2: 15 the unfolding of the scenario planned by Colin Treverrow, who left the project in 2017. Details that, according to The Playlist, would be real. Several sources close to the project have confirmed the accuracy of the details below to the website.

Pink in the center of the story, Palpatine absent

This version of Star Wars 9 was to be called Duel of the Fates (Duels of the fates in French) and not The Ascent of Skywalker and the action of the film is very different on several points. At the beginning of the film, we would have discovered that the First-Order, led by Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), has cut off all means of communications between the planets to put an end to the rebellion. The Resistance, therefore, would have had the mission to re-open the communications, and call the galaxy to defend.

In details, the movie would have left a larger place to Rose (Kelly Marie Tran). Completely put aside in the film of J. J. Abrams, the character was here in the centre of the action : she took part in several missions in the company of Finn (John Boyega), the latter being captured at a time. Finn would have been torn between his commitment to the Resistance and his past Stormtrooper since he had to bump into people he had known before leaving the First Order.

A revelation on the parents of Rey

As to Rey (Daisy Ridley) ? She was supposed to go on a mission with Poe (Oscar Isaac), and had a lightsaber dual (a bit like Darth Maul). In this version, it was supposed to always be persuaded to be able to make it back Ben Solo to the dark side but couldn’t : it was discovered that Kylo Ren had killed his parents on the orders of Snoke. The ghosts of Luke, Obi-Wan and Yoda had to make an appearance to help Rey in his ultimate battle in the face of Kylo Ren. Together, they tried to make it back to Ben but didn’t and Kylo Ren would die. At the end of the film, the Resistance prevailed in the face of the First Order, and Rey resulted in a new generation of Jedi (including the little boy seen at the end of the Last Jedi).

Neither Lucasfilm nor Disney nor Colin Trevorrow did not confirm this information, and we do not expect that they will do it ! This end would it have been better received by the fans ? This will remain a mystery…

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