Star Wars 9 : the script has failed leaker on the web… because of an actor

Star Wars 9 : le script a failli leaker sur le web... à cause d'un acteur

Star Wars 9 : the script has failed leaker on the web

Less than a month before the release of Star Wars 9 : the Ascent of Skywalker ! It was on the 18th December as the last part of the saga of the Skywalker arrives at the film and J. J. Abrams, the film director, has hitherto managed to keep many secrets about the epic conclusion awaits us. But it was almost not to be the case ! In an interview, the director revealed that the script of the film has failed to be the victim of a big leak… because of one of the stars !

In just a few weeks, the saga of the Skywalker ends the film with the release of Star Wars 9 : the Climb of Skywalker. How Palpatine will he make his return ? The Resistance can fight off the First Order ? Kylo Ren and Rey will they end up as a couple ? A lot of questions which remain for now in abeyance.

A script for sale on Ebay

And yet, the secrecy surrounding the film has failed to be compromised. This is J. J. Abrams himself who revealed the info. Guest of Good Morning America, the director of Star Wars 9 was told a story that is quite amazing is who would ruin the film for viewers. He revealed that one of the stars of the film, which had been able to bring back a scenario that has forgotten the precious script… under his bed. The woman of the household would have then found it and would have given to a person who has been sold on Ebay. “Someone said : ‘It seems that there is a real script for sale on Ebay’. They managed to retrieve it before it is sold, “says J. J. Abrams :

But then, who is responsible for this forgetfulness ? According to the US press, it could be that it’s one of the main actors like Adam Driver or Daisy Ridley, the secondary actors of the film who did not have the right to leave the scene of the shooting in possession of the scenario. It is hoped that the US press is going to lead the investigation to the approach of the release of the film, and that the culprit will be unmasked !

Star Wars 9 released in the cinemas on 18 December.

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