Star Wars 9 : who are the parents of Rey ? The truth will be revealed in the film

Star Wars 9 : qui sont les parents de Rey ? La vérité sera révélée dans le film

Star Wars 9 : who are the parents of Rey ? The truth will be revealed in the film

We don’t know yet that we reserve J. J. Abrams with Star Wars 9 (the return of Palpatine ? emergence of a new Skywalker ?), but the director has already promised one thing : the mystery surrounding the identity of the parents of Rey will again be explored.

Who really are the parents of Rey ?

Last year, Simon Pegg said that J. J. Abrams had a plan in mind concerning the identity of the parents of Rey in doing Star Wars 7 : “I know that J. J. had a purpose, or at least that there was a kind of project. (…) There were discussions on a kind of lineage is very important/known about Rey.” However, as recalled the actor : “I think this has been a little spoiled by the last film to date.

In fact, by taking control of Star Wars 8, Rian Johnson has totally debunked this mystery by allowing Kylo Ren to say to Rey that his parents were people and they had just sold when she was a baby. A revelation that had disappointed many fans who expected something more impacting, and which has apparently not been pleased with J. J. Abrams.

A mystery soon to be explored

Back behind the camera for Star Wars 9, the developer has thus decided to revive this aspect of the story. Interviewed by ABC News on the identity of the parents of Rey, J. J. Abrams has just confirmed that not everything has yet been said on this subject : “What I can say is that working on this film, we knew that we had to bring to a satisfactory conclusion. And we were aware of [the identity of the parents of Rey] was a part of things unanswered. I don’t want to say that what happened in Episode 8 [did not exist], there is honor, but there are more things to discover in this story than what you have already seen“.

In other words, is Kylo Ren has lied to Rey, he did not have the completeness of information concerning his past. Star Wars 9 will he get us out of his magic hat a dad or a mom Jedi cult for Rey ? It is possible.


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