Star Wars : George Lucas reveals his favorite character, and it is the shock

Star Wars : George Lucas dévoile son personnage préféré et c'est le choc

Star Wars : George Lucas reveals his favorite character, you will be surprised

Between the films, the animated series, books, video games… the Star Wars universe is full of characters and exciting, fascinating and epic. Yet, the favorite of George Lucas is absolutely none of this. Attention, prepare yourself for a shock.

George Lucas proud Star Wars I

This year marks the end of the third Star Wars trilogy focusing on the history of the Skywalker, but it also marks 20 years of the launch of the second trilogy with Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. An anniversary has recently been celebrated by the fans on the occasion of a panel discussion organized during the day “Star Wars Celebration”, and which George Lucas – the creator of this universe, held to react.

Thus, where the prelogie is considered by many as a disappointment, a frustration or a failure, the director did not hesitate to entrust “The phantom menace is one of my favorite movies.” A surprise ? Not really. George Lucas went on to say, this film, like the previous ones, has once again been a turning point in the world of cinema : “It has opened so much. We use equipment testing, but this was the beginning of the digital. Even if we don’t have everything turned digital, much has been. It was really one of the first films made in this way and I am very proud of it.

A favorite character was amazing

But that’s not all, George Lucas also took the opportunity to announce the name of his favorite character from the saga. And again, his response should be to react : “of course, my favorite character is Jar Jar. Ahmed Best [his interpreter] did a fantastic job. It was very, very difficult“. Of the about surprising when one knows the disenchantment of the public against it, which should, however, be nice to the main question.

In the past year, Ahmed Best, admitted in effect that what should be the role of a life was finally transformed into a nightmare, due to the reaction of the abusive fans : “next year, it will be 20 years that I have suffered harassment in the media which continues even today to affect my career. This place [on the photo] is the place where I almost ended my life. It is still difficult to talk about it. I survived, and now this little guy [his son, nldr] is my gift for having overcome [this event].

Star Wars : George Lucas dévoile son personnage préféré et c'est le choc

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