Star Wars : return to the past and the Sith for the new trilogy ?

Star Wars : retour vers le passé et les Sith pour la nouvelle trilogie ?

Star Wars : return to the past and the Sith for the new trilogy

The Star Wars universe is not about to leave our screens. Despite the end of the story of the Skywalker, Disney wants to capitalize on the license for many years. As a result, a new saga is expected to soon land at the cinema (by 2022) and could we dive in… in the past.

Star Wars 9 – The Ascent of Skywalker – currently in the cinema, does not have unanimous support from the fans ? This is not a problem for Disney. As we know, the studio has already the ambition to launch a new trilogy in the years to come. However, in contrast to the previous three, it should have no link with the family of Luke.

A new franchise that is very special

But then, what will talk about these new films ? Officially, no information has yet been presented on this subject. Nevertheless, according to the website MakingStarWars, the studio would have already a quite precise idea of the new direction for the future of the franchise : “sources have told us that the next saga will take place during an era called “The Upper Republic”. The story could take place 400 years before the saga Skywalker“.

At what time specifically ? According to the website, “this new franchise could take place at a time when the “Rule of two Sith” was established by Darth Bane“. What we promise you a dive exciting in the mythology already exciting fans of the Force, all the more that MakingStarWars states, Disney would be hard-pressed to detach from the saga of origin, and could, again, give us fan-service with the presence of “Yoda as a Jedi“.

Finally, small clarification – to be taken with a grain of salt – this future Star Wars saga would not really presented as a trilogy but rather as “a series of films that would be connected and linked by a story (in the broad sense) common“.

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