Star “Women’s Quarter” spoke about the pregnancy: “Now have nowhere to go”

Звезда “Женского Квартала” высказалась о беременности: “Дальше некуда деваться”

Women’s Quarter and Sasha Pikalov

yesterday, 20:19

Star “Women’s Quarter”, “League of laughter” series, “Krajina” and its sequel “once pid Poltava” Irina Soponaru admitted, are you ready to become a mom.

In an interview Znaia the artist commented on the appearance of a child her heroine in the Comedy “once pid Poltava”. She noted that the pregnancy of Arinci for her was an interesting experience.

Звезда “Женского Квартала” высказалась о беременности: “Дальше некуда деваться”

Pregnant Yarinka performed by Irina Soponaru

“I still like this movie. I’m not ready mentally. But I think I may never be ready. Here we have, as they say, jump off a pier and all, no farther to go, we need to go. Of course, in the future I would like to have children. I like to think about it: what I will mom, how would I do? While this some thought and imagination, and as happens in life – we will see”, – shared Soponaru.

Irina almost 5 years in a relationship with British musician and DJ James Tristan, but he’s still a proposal of marriage she did not.

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Звезда “Женского Квартала” высказалась о беременности: “Дальше некуда деваться”

Irina Soponaru with her lover from London

Soponaru also tell that since the childhood dreamed to become an actress.

“Just my dreams has not changed with age. I can remember that I loved University and always watched it on TV with my parents. Previously, the KVN team toured. I was at the concerts of the top teams. And the first team, the performance of which I saw live, was the BSU – Belarusian. It was so cool, simply blow my mind (blown away – ed.) completely. I looked and realized that I really want to play in the WHC. It was 9th grade, I think. Later I wanted to enter University in order to start playing in the WHC. And so it happened – I started to play, and that’s — finished”, – said the Joker.

Звезда “Женского Квартала” высказалась о беременности: “Дальше некуда деваться”

Irina Soponaru with friends from the “Women’s Quarter”

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